WR426 vs 450EXC results!!!!

Now that I have your attention,

THIS BIKE IS UNBELIEVABLE!!!! I rode my wr400 for half the day and then my dad finally let me ride his '03 450EXC. There was also a crf450R there (You might be able to find his bike now for sale in the recycler, or at your local KTM dealership as a trade in).

Back to the 450...I felt like I was on a 2 stroke. It sincerely felt like I had shed 50 lbs of bike...I probably did come to think of it. Where I would have had to work in some nasty spots (California Desert) the 450 just sucked it all up like I was on a DRZ 400; except that I had about 7 inches more travel, 60 lbs diet, and a motor that never wanted to say die. I thought I was going to run out of motor, but the power just kept coming. I was racing my dad down a road...Holy *$#%$*, I love 6th! You can lug any gear, unlike the WR, and still pull the front up. I have not ridden the 525 yet, and I wish I could, I need to know if I should get that one instead. But I also ask myself the question, that if I am so happy with this bike, why ask for more. I think it's all I will ever need!

Did I mention that it was awesome. KTM has outdone themselves! You can lie to yourselves all you want, but it's not just me saying so. These bikes are the future of motorcycles. :)

you do know you posted on the yamaha forum dont you?? who cares what you say, it will still blow up, so stick it in your pot and make yourself some pumpkin stew,no offence :):D :D :D


Sorry to hear the 400 wasn’t up to par that day. I’ll wager after it’s fixed you’ll come to your senses!

Can I ridie it next? I want my turn. :)


That reply sounded as if there might be a little jealousy involved. :)

Iain, a few year old WR400 might not be the best contender in a Yamaha -vs- KTM cross country racing bikes showdown.

I'm certain that the new WR450 will give the XC a good run for the money.

As for 6th gear, all my old WR Husky's have 'em and I also love the extra gear. I think Yamaha could easily slip in another gear if they wanted to.

I wanted to buy a KTM a couple of years ago, my cousin just bought one - sorry they said, it'll take a month or two. OK I said, call me when it comes in. No call - ever. Had to race the last Virginia City GP on my very old KX250 - bummed indeed. But guess what? my cousin's new KTM fried the front wheel bearings - a DNF (chinese bearings!!!). My old Japanese bike was flawless - I trophied! So I start paying attention to KTM's - need a part - be ready to wait. Bought an 02 WR426, saved a grand, changed the tank and I'm riding every week. Need a part? Get it anywhere. Yamaha has rekindled my love of riding - I've ordered an 03 YZ250f to rock the tight stuff - I'm setting up a cot in the garage so I can sleep between them - sweet dreams in blue, eh?

husky rider, not jealous, just love a little dig and a laugh every now and then.

I have ridden the ktm 525 in Intermod 2002 (Germany) and I found it very unpleasant to ride, compared to my 02wr426. When I got back on my wr I was surprised how nice it was compared to the KTM. Another thing is that something happened to the KTM's drive chain and/or sliders, because of the mud we were driving and I was unable to move it in neutral at all.

i thought the idea of a wide ratio tranny was so that they didn't need sixth gear, and if my WR had that many gears, i don't think i could hold on going that fast, or find anywhere near hear to open it all the way up

I think the WR450F and this 450EXC will be real close. BUT the yamaha is a bit cheaper and parts availability is (for the most part) better than KTM.

But doood, the 525 man, I mean comeon! That is THE bike to have. :):D :D

Yes yamy is a little cheaper, but after you buy new handlebar and a better exhaust it will not be cheaper any more, i guess...

I just checked prices in Canada and bought a 03 WR450F for $5400 out the door. The best I could do in Canada is $6000 for the KTMs. No matter how you look at it they are cheaper than the KTMs. The other thing that must be noted is that the new 450 KTM is down on power compared to the WR. :)

The beauty of it for me is that since I am buying a bike from Canada it does not have all the EPA junk on it so there will be little mods that will need to be made from the factory. And by the way I can get a WR450F $1300 cheaper from Canada than a Ktm and Handlebars are $150 and an exhaust is maybe $300 so I still am $900 cheaper!! DUH!!! :)

uh-oh. i had this come up to myself a couple weeks ago and decided not to say anything cuz i know it's all rider and didn't wanna make any enemies, but here goes.

rode a 02 520 sx at a local mx track after spinning multiple laps on my 98 wr400. on a scale it was probably lighter than my 400, but on the track, it felt so much bigger that it felt heavier. and the power was way soft on the bottom where my 400 makes gobs of tractable lug (with the pipe/silencer combo), which is where i think this bike shines. yeah, the sx did have a second gear that could be used for everything onthe track, cuz it never ended, but it jsut felt too weak on the bottom almost so that i thought i was gonna stall it.

handling was weird, too. you felt like you were sitting on top of it, whereas the yamaha you sit more "down and in" it and feel more "at-one" with the bike. handybars felt a little low and forrward cuz of this. something you'd just get used to, but felt very pushy in turns. i don't care what any magazines say. this is my opinion, and i'm not getting paid to advertise for anyone.

i would choose a yamathumper over a katoom if given the choice, but should a 400 or 450 exc come along at a decent price or be given to me, heck yeah i'd ride it.

probably not hte 520, cuz it is just too much engine once it gets going. way to easy to get into trouble. if this makes sense, you whack the throttle open, and "it goes way too fast, way too fast." (it gets there too quickly for my riding preference)

my $.02 :)

I own a 98 WR400, have ridden it since new, never had any problems with it. I have two friends with 01 KTM exc520's, they have never had any problems either. Looking at both bikes I wouldn't let reliablity make my decision on which one to choose.

I have ridden the 520's many times, love the motor, love the electric start, love the light weight. Don't care for the suspension, too soft. Don't like the way they handle, just different than the Japanese bikes I have ridden.

As far as speed, my WR will stay very close to them in any speed contest.

Just my two cents.

Ahhh Dude....you just compared the 450 EXC to that giant scrap iron pig DRZ......

Theres gonna be a Orange possee forming in your fron yard....

Bonzai :)

Ahhh Dude....you just compared the 450 EXC to that giant scrap iron pig DRZ......

Now Now the DRZ I admit is not an EXC but it aint no scrap iron pig. Orange Posse...please :)

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