2006 YZ450 50th aniversary - good or bad?

What's the scoop on the 2006 YZ450 50th aniversary bike?

Any issues with this model?

How do they compare to the CRF450R?


Scoop is this.....it is yellow so it is faster and better! :busted:

It has IMO the best power of any 450, Smooth and linear

It has the best suspension of any MX bike prior to 06

It does suffer slightly in the handling dept - but can be modified to be much better than stock with different bar bends, and offset clamps

and bottomline it is just plain cool looking for a stock bike :worthy:

And the best news.....they are relatively cheap to buy:thumbsup:

an over here we don't care about CRFs much

Because Ga426owner is a long time YZF owner, he has forgotten to mention something, probably because he's so used to it that he never gives it a thought anymore:

The YZF is far more reliable/durable overall than a CRF, or any of the other MX 4-strokes.

my 06 is a awesome bike, the valves havent moved since new in 06 and the motor and suspension are running great:thumbsup:

:busted: My 06 is great..

I have severely abused mine (but exercise careful maintenance) and it fires right up when hot or cold...runs like a champ. Have not had one malfunction or failure yet except for one that was my own fault :busted: .

The YZFs will take you through the gates of hell and back.

how cheap is cheap?

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