? 650l

Does any one here know if these bikes can be lowered?

Thinking of buying 03' or newer 650L, I'm 5'7" and and weigh 155lbs.


Yes. You can get a lowering link for $80 to $125. Easy to install an it will drop the bike 1.25 to 1.5 inches. I would recommend this to every one because it improves the handling of the bike under all conditions. I'm 6'1". I can now stand flat footed and it lowered the center of gravity so I can lean in to the turns when riding fast single track in the desert.

Run a search and you will find all the info you want.

+1 on the lowering link & you can shave the seat also.....

Would you lower the front fork mount also??

Would you lower the front fork mount also??

Just a tad...1'" or so. Just fool around with the height and see what feels best.:busted: Oh, and just raise the tubes in the mounts.

The link will make a differance. If you get one be sure to order bearings with it. Otherwise you will have to press the old ones out and reuse them. Also you will need a press to install them. Love my '99.

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