Fender Bags

Yes, I am once again, tapping into the plethora of knowledge and opinions here at Thumpertalk...gotta love the world wide web eh?

Maybe I'm just getting old, but I'm growing tired of my fanny pack weighing me down. Could I get some feedback on some front and rear fender packs? What's junk and what's not? I carry a good amount of tools with me.

I mounted some flush mounted turn signals on the sides of the rear fender, just aft of the seat, which is going to limit my pack size...and I really dont' want to have to move the signals either...

Anyways, any feedback would be appreciated.

I have the Moose rear fender bag and it is a quality unit. The bag is made by Chase Harper so pick up whichever is cheaper if names don't matter. This bag is a little on the tall side, but I have never had a problem with that. Mounting holes are the exact same as those of the old XR fender bags.

I got the 10x6x3 bag from: http://www.dirt-bike-gear.com/fender_packs.html

Off-road.com had a review on this bag and here's the link.


It's pretty well built and the side straps are long enough for you to strap you jacket down.

If you go with something this big you'll probably need the SRC fender brace to keep things from flopping around. I already had the brace and the stiffer UFO rear fender since I'm using the UFO euro-taillight with built-in turn signals. It's legal here in NV, but I think it's not legal in CA.

Since I have the UFO tail light I scrapped the stock tail light and that gave me more room to mount the big tool bag lengthways. It covers up the hole that's left from the stock tail light. One other mod I made was I ripped the stitching from the straps off the bottom of the tool bag. I added a 1"x3" piece of velcro to the straps and a larger piece to the bottom of the bag. I attached the straps to the bike with hardware provided. This way I can just unfasten the straps and grap the bag and go. I also have the tri-fold MSR tool pouch that just fits inside the bag and takes up 1/2 the space.

I gave up on the spare tube bag for the front fender and now jam the tube and all my tools into the rear fender bag. Seemed like no matter how I mounted it the front fender, the bag wieghted down the fender so bad that it was always rubbing the tire. If you go with a front fender bag, consider a fender brace to stiffen it up.

PM me if you want a pic.

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