YZ450 too much?

Hi everyone, I am new to the forum and new to MX bikes. I have ridden quads and snowmobiles since I was a kid...well younger kid. I live in w.mass and know tons of trails, from riding mt.bikes. But I recently picked up a road bike and it has been a blast (SV650s). Now I want to get into trail riding and possibly take the bike to the track every once and awhile...my buddy races his quad. Now that I have told you my life story, I am going to check out an 04 YZ450f tomorrow, for what seems to be a very good deal for a bike that is barely used. My question to you guys is, am I biting off more than I can chew with this bike? I am 6ft 210 and very athletic. I was told that you can learn from any road bike, as long as you are intelligent and know your limits....is this going to be similar when picking out a dirtbike? Honestly?

Thanks for all your help, I have learned quite a bit from these communities (svriders.com, atvriders.com, nasioc, etc.)


I would say that you are good. I am 6'2" 200lbs and my first bike ever was an 01 426. took me a while to be comfortable grabbing all the throttle at once but I love it and glad I didn't get a 250. I know me I would want the bigger bike sooner or later so I just went ahead and got it.

for your height and weight your just right for a 450. they have balls it will take some getting used to but it will suit you just fine

If trail riding is going to be you're main use I'd recommend a 250F of some sort. Try scouting some deals on a WR250F, it will serve well on any dirt.

You chose the 650 for the road instead of a 1000 and you're happy so, it makes better sense to go with a 250 vs 450 from what I'm hearing from you.

I'm 5'10'' / 210lbs dropped from a 450 to a 250 and personally am very happy. Especially towards the end of a long ride with some 450 buddies and they are worn out and I'm roosting right along ...

Good luck !

Thanks guys, can't wait to see it. I'll let you know how it goes.


Get the YZ450!!! I have one, and it's a really sweet bike. There is A LOT of power on tap, but it comes on very smooth and controllably. My 18 year old son has only been riding a couple years, and he has no problems with it at all. The bonus is, YZs are some of the most reliable bikes out there. If you've found one that you know has been well cared for, it's one of the best values in the market.

Thanks again everyone for the input. I took a look at the bike this morning. It hasn't been touched since last spring...and still has the old gas in it. Sounds like there were some family issues and the guy just left the bike and the family is trying to unload it. I figure I'll have to pull apart the carb and clean that up...it def needs some TLC, but other than that it looks like it is good shape (still on its first sprocket, needs a new chain). I couldn't get it to start up kicking it a few times, but again it has been sitting and it is also freezing out...and it is a 4stroke Yama. Anyways they are going to drain the tank and put new gas in it, and I'm going to go back up there this weekend to listen to it run. If it all sounds good i'm going to make an offer around $2k. If they take it, I'll be on my way home with this bike :busted: ...if not my search will continue.

I had bikes up untill mid 90's then got into quads for abot 10 years. Then wanted another bike, I rode an 05 250f for a day and knew it wasnt enough so I got an 04 yz450. Its was a hand full at frist, then the more I rode the more I got use to it. To make a long story shorter and four bikes later now 08 yz450 I say go with the 450.


you'll be just fine on a 450

i am 6'2 - 240 lbs, and fairly new to riding, i also decided to get the bigger bike (450F) rather than wishing i had. I know my skill level and ride to that, good thing is i have room to grow into it skillwise, just ride smart

Do not buy the 250f as another poster suggested. If you know how to ride a motorcycle, (basic clutch and throttle controls) you will be fin with the 450. A 250 F requires being ridden very high in the rpm range, where as a 450 has some low end lugging capabilities. The yz 450's make very versatile bikes, I recently switched from a 250 2 stroke to a yz 450, and I am kicking myself for not making the switch years ago. I ride alot of gnarly rocky single track, as well as the occasional mx day at the track. :busted: Riding in the dirt will make you a better asphalt rider as well... You will learn to ride on the edge of traction and slide the bike around. :worthy:

the 450 is definately fun, the power curve is nice, but I ditched it due the weight, to a yz 250 2t, cause it feels like a feather and has a few mods and very fast and hard hit.

I would go for the 450! The Yamaha's are great bikes and super reliable. (My family has four) The only thing that I dont like about the 03-05 YZ4540's is that they only have 4-speed trannies! I do more offroad racing than track racing and having the 5 speed is so nice. Just my .02, but best of luck to you.


Go big or go home! Seriously I had a friend trying to talk me into a 250 cause that's what he rode and I went with the 450 anyway! I'd be kicking my self in the A$$ right now if I listened to him! 250's adequate but a 450's way more fun. Anyone I know who buys a 250 ends up spending hundreds trying to add the power a 450 already comes with? With your size 450!!!

I have a crf250x and I'm 63 like 230. I love it and it does have decent power, but I'm really wishing I had the 450 or 250 2t :busted: (especially the 250 2t).

Either way its a lot of fun. :worthy: I ride my brothers 07 525exc from time to time, and I could never ever use all that. I also rode his friends 05 YZ250 (2t) and absolutely love it. Such a fun bike to ride.

My son is 17 and rides my YZ450 with no problems. He has never ridden another bike, we had a Banshee for a while but he preferred the YZ..

I think you will love it..

Thanks everyone.....just picked up a clean 06 YZ450F.....now I'm waiting for the nice weather....

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