Front sprocket, is this important ?

I have changed front sprocket to a 15 tooth upon removing the YAM 14 tooth I saw that it has a recess on the rear where it fit's against the output shaft, The 15 that I have put on has no recess and is flat both side's, It has gone straight on and is not catching or rubbing on anthing is this OK ??????? Don't want anything runnin out of line and damaging anything !!


My buddy has a device that clamps on and checks the chain and sprockets for trueness. Sometimes the wheel adjustment hash marks can't be trusted? Lacking one of those, I would eyeball it and watch for wear marks heavier or deeper on one side of the sprocket than the other and for tooth chipping. I doubt you have any problems, though. I ran into the same thing on one of my kids' bikes, and it didn't ever seem to matter.

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