8 Litre to 12 Litre

In the UK the WR400 comes with an 8 Litre fuel tank will the 12 Litre tank of the US spec WR's fit straight on and do I need the seat as well, If so does anyone sell these as replacement item's apart from YAMAHA.


I know that in Australia, and I think we have basically the same models, that the 426 comes with the bigger tank standard. I am not sure about the seat, but I think you do need to change it.

The 400 has the 8 litre, and the 426 has the 12 litre.



The seats are different.

first off you don't want to put the 12 litre tank(3.2 G) on because you weill have to put the other seat on. and that seat sucks really bad. it is too far back and you can't get up close to the bars with your body. by the yz large tank from IMS, or clark(not sure about other brands out side the US). they are also 12 litre(3.2G) tanks but use the better seat that you have. plus there is a Ty davis version on the ims that sits very low on the bike. i took off my seat and tank from my wr400 because the US modle comes with the crappy tank and seat that comes on all the wr426's. i put on a yz seat( same as the non US wr400) and the ims tank that holds 12 liters(3.2G) much better idea.


AFAIK acerbis also have 12L yz tank...

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