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YZ Clutch Lever Easy pull Mod

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I was searching for a way to make my 02 YZ426 clutch pull a little easier and read numerous postings from drilling the lever, replaced with ASV, Lengthened the clutch arm, etc. etc. so I decided to try drilling the lever first because it didn't cost a dime, so, as Bob Barker would say... the price is right.

But in my findings a have never seen a posting that actually showed you what the lever looked like before and after.

So I decided to wing it and take pics so you all could understand what drilling the lever acually looks like to the average Joe.

Here we go, if anyone wants to add tips please let me know since this was my first attempt at this quick mod.

1. Take off the lever, duh.

2. Look at the size of the original hole and estimate where the second hole should be placed to overlap slightly the first hole, remember that you have to get the cable through the hole to mount.

Here is a pic before


3. Now mark and drill a pilot hole as shown. Note you do not have to go through entire lever, I did by mistake.

With Pilot hole below original hole.


4. Gradually increase the size of the bit and drill out the pilot so it makes a cleaner hole. You don't want to go much larger than the cable end so as not to introduce slop. Again you don't have to go 100 percent through the lever, just enough to allow the cable end to fully seat in the lever.

5. When you have finished you may have to take a pair of cable snips and trim the gap between the two holes so the cable can be mounted.

This is what the second hole looks like and it's placement.


6. Cleanup any sharp edges from the drilling and mount the lever.

7. Enjoy an easier pull, this will work on almost any bike.

(Please Note that the pull distance is increased slightly to fully disengange clutch but to me that allows a much better method of feathering the clutch...)

8. Let me know how it works and share any tips. :busted:

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the shorty levers are REAL short.

actually the regular raptor lever is shorter than the oem lever.

ive got the shorty on my SM YZ and the regular on my off road YZ.

the shorty only allows 2 fngers......if you got sausage fingers or wear thick gloves, 1.5 fingers. hehe

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After using this mod two weekends I must say that it works great.

I was sick of looking at new bikes in the shops and pulling their clutchs and it was easy as could be, then I go home and try my old yz426 and it had twice the pull. Now with this mod mine is as easy as the new bikes if not easier. I wish I did this sooner. I can pull the clutch with one finger now, two fingers all day, no arm pump.

Highly recommend doing this on every bike. Give it a try, doesn't cost anything and if you don't like it, put the cable back in the original hole, but I bet you don't go back!!!

Happy riding:ride:

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As far as the MSR raptor levers go, I bought a set and installed but I didn't like the VERY small lever as you mentioned, you can only get two fingers on the thing if your lucky. I returned them the next day, and the pull was a little better than stock but not as easy as drilling the stock lever. WAY easy now and you can two finger the clutch as well without the lever hitting your knuckles when fully disengaged.

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Yes the cable end goes into the new hole, this allows the cable to be closer to the screw,which is the pivot point. This increasing the leverage and thus requires less force to pull in the lever.

Just try it.

I get the whole concept of the mechanical advantage, but the actual clutch travel will now be less. Is it enough to fully engage/disengage.


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