YZ Clutch Lever Easy pull Mod

Reread. I already explained the pivot.

If you don't cut the slot in the lever down to match the lowered cable connection to the lever, you haven't moved the load.

Reread. I already explained the pivot.

If you don't cut the slot in the lever down to match the lowered cable connection to the lever, you haven't moved the load.

LOL:lol: then we have been arguing over nothing!!!!!! that was the point i was trying to make. not cutting the slot just made no sense to me

I'm talking about the slot in the lever, not the slot in the perch. Changing the slot in the perch doesn't mean anything other than smoother operation.

me too, the adjustable pivot point would help reduce drag, but the lever it self is the important thing to put the slot in

If that was your position all along, then you misinterpreted what Matt said, and I believe if you look all the way back at the details of the mod, you will find that the OP said to cut the slot down, also.

yes i think you are right, i must have misread his post. my fault, sorry for all the confusion!!!!!!!

I just did this for my '78 XL125. Slight improvement, I have lady hands so it still kinda sucks. But thanks and great idea!

I found it was easiest to drill all the way through with a uni-bit up to 5/16", then flip it over and drill from the other side with the uni-bit to meet the hole. Then I cleaned it out with a dremmel. I did this after I tried to not drill through and exploded a lever when a bit got stuck, after starting with a uni-bit and then trying to continue from the same side with a straight 5/16" bit. Go slow and use lots of oil.

Just did this with my 426, also installed a new clutch cable. What a difference! And yes the slot needs to be cut down.

Just done this mod to my bike. After a weekend at Shane Watts DirtWise school my left wrist was KILLING me. Never used the clutch so much in my life and had to pull off from doing several drills cause my wrist hurt so bad I just couldn't actuate the clutch like I needed to or hang on to the bar. It was very frustrating.

Hopefully this will help, but I think I may have got the hole a bit too close to the mounting bolt hole. May not have enough disengagement, will have to wait and see. If not guess I'll look at a lever/perch combo, Magura juice clutch or an auto clutch.


Old thread, I know, but I just did this mod so I thought I would post up my results. I modified two stock levers to get two different pulls.


Here are both modified levers side by side.



Both have the same stock leverage.




Here's the modified distance of the levers.


This one is about 2mm shorter. It was hard to tell if the pull was much lighter with this one. If someone else did this mod for me and put it on without me knowing I don't think I would have noticed at all.



This one is about 5mm shorter and there is a decent difference in the pull on this one. I was still able to adjust the cable properly, but have yet to take it for a ride.


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How did you modify the slot to lower the cable closer to the new hole? How did any of you do it?

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