Modification Sticky

Lets try this and see if it works out. If so we can make a sticky out of it.

Make a post with the description of a Mod. you like, or may have done to your bike. Dont have to give the full story. Then post a link at the bottom to where ever the mod may be.


I just cut out my side cover for my xrr. I used aluminum patio screen, and rivited it in. I think it looks pretty good, I can't wait until it warms up here so I can test this thing out.

First time posting pics, lets see if it works.....




the side panne looks good you just need something to go around the inside of your cut out, like some sort of trim. Chrome or black or something like that

Basket for hauling lunch out during a ride? LMAO


Time for a basket mod. It looks askew.

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