Help a brother out... Tire diameter.

OK, I've searched and had no results. Somehow :busted: I screwed up my tire diameter and now my uncorked WR 450 is going 80 MPH in 5th gear.

It is set at 100:00 I move it up or down and no change. Could one of you take a look at your setting and post it for me please? The dirt Gods will smile upon you. 2008, stock tires, 15# air.

If this is where I need to fix this at. :ride: The manual is less than helpful as it states where to make the change but not what the number is??? MM, Inch, CM? Has me lost. Or maybe all the gray hair has something to do with it. Please explain how I can fix this.

I thank you very much in advance. :worthy:

have 06 with stock front tire @16# my setting is 94.40. push slct1 & rst at same time for 2 sec. then to change number push slct1 for plus and slct 2 minus. after a 25 mile ride I am 2 tenth of a mile off. Ie 25.2. Just pleasure ride so close enough for me.

Thanks mate! I'll set it that way tomorrow and give it a try.

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