WILD FX, Looks like a blast! Hate to see those cherries, is there a city ordnance that prohibits riding on one wheel? :)

The video works best by right clicking the link and saving it to the hd. 31.5 meg took me 20 minutes to download.

Exactly the reason I want to SuperMoto one of my WR's.

That looked like so much fun right up until the cops arrived.

Hopefully (I doubt it) they're fans and wanted to talk shop with the riders.

I really liked the parking garage near the end of the video.

I've got high speed web access and it still took me a long time to download it.

Wild FX that was well worth the wait!

great video :):D Took hours to download but worth the wait. looked like a blast. :D

S#!$ I can't open it! it gaves me DNS error, can some of you fellas put it for download?


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