long distance riding

The other day I was having a conversaton with Peter one of my mates. The topic was about long distance riding, I said that I was going to travel about 300kms to visit one my brother for his 21st & go riding with him. Peter said that if I road my bike for that long sittig on the same speed that it would be no good for my wr400 and do alot of harm to the motor. Is this true as I told him it sounded like rubish to me. :)

Mate, What Peter told you it complete rubish!!!!!! I ride my bike on long rides all of the time. Were talking 300 miles a day!!!! The most I have put on my bike is 526 miles in one day. The bike runs like it's brand new!!!!!!!!!!!!! No problems at all!!!!!!!

Your buddy Peter is wrong on this one, go visit your brother on his 21st birthday.



Damage may occur if you were running it in at a constant speed...

You may want to ride at 90, then 100, then 90 , changing every half hour, but only to give you a different drone to listen to...

Try a 15 tooth front sprocket (not sure if a 16 is available...)

Enjoy the 21st... and don't try to be the wheelie king down the main street once you have had a few, you will only break something... (on yourself) LOL


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