OK or ARK area riders for Chadwick carnage


Our group is planning an outting on Thankgiving weekend to Chadwick. It's located in NW Arkansas. The terrain is said to be challenging at best. I missed the first trip out there, but apparently one should remove all blinkers and excess plastics.

There's about six of us that ride regularly-mixed bikes-and only a couple of rowdy riders. The rest are good but semi cautious.

Let me know if there is any interest. We're always looking for new riding buds. I'll email or post any further info.


I'll go! I'll bring my bicycle :)

DRZ or bicycle...bicycle or DRZ...

Geez, Sandman, that is a tough one!

Sandman is one of our group that went the first time. Apparently he is the one that lost most of his plastics, blinkers...about anything removeable I guess.

Hey Brad,

We live about 30 mins. outside of Tulsa. The tentative schedule is to leave

my house Fri. morning and return Sun. afternoon. Besides Chadwick, there's

also a place called Huckleberry Horse trail that has some 65 miles of trail

systems. It switches from single track to two and three wide. That's where

my L has fun. I think we're going to hit that system by Sat. noon.

As far as hotels and other arrangements, we just make those up as we go. I

hate timetables and preset riding trips.

Probaly be best to meet at my place, but we could nail down an accurate time

frame if you think it would be easier to meet in Ark..

Hope to see you there!

I'll leave my number to iron out any details.


----- Original Message -----

Hello Men, would you mind if a yamaha guy or two comes to ride with ya'll. I can ask some of my local harescramble buddies. None our our bikes are duel sport. Will it be all woods? You know its deer season at this time don't you? :)

Hey Machoman,

The more the merrier. Have you been to chadwick before? We spent a few days up in the Russleville/Ft. Smith area about two months ago. Some of the best riding I've ever done. In fact, my brother brought his cr250 down from CA. and said it was the best riding he'd ever been on as well.

Look forward to seeing you there.

My email is kelleyconstruction@prodigy.net

Get in touch with me when you know if you'll be able to make it. I'll post more info as we get closer.

Oh yeah, it is all off road. Maybe an occasional jog on paved.

RunAnyWhere, I just noticed we have a harescramble on Dec 2nd at Fort Smith.Maybe you and your buds can come and ride it. Its called Riverfront gran pre. they have maps at


look under scedule for the flyer.

Hey Machoman,

Your link was dead. Is there another? Also, is harescramble the single track course racing? I've heard the term but I'm not familiar with it.

Let me know on the link.



Try www.arkansasharescramble.com. If that don't work do a search on harescramble.

The harescramble races we have are 2 hours in time. There are different classes for all to chose from.I would suggest tag team or trailrider if this will be your first. Its a closed trail that is any where from 6 to 10 miles. RFGP has everything as far as tight woods, open, rocky, sandy.Yes alot of it is single track, but I've been passed just about everywhere on the track. There is alot of Missouri and OK guys that come.

Hey Oklahoma guys,

Does anyone know some good places to offraod only around Waynoka and Little Sahara. Little Sahara rocks and we are going in Dec when the sand is a little harder. We are diving up from Houston. Arkansas is great too but that will be a different trip.

Hey DR,

Sorry it took me so long to reply. I've asked all the guys I ride with, and we're all at a loss. Anytime we've gone to Little Sahara, the dunes are the only thing we'd expected to ride. I haven't heard of any other neat areas out there, but it's almost completly wide open, so you'd think there'd be something.

There are a couple of really good areas around OKC. Stillwater has a real fun area exclusively for of road. I've never been to that one, but they say there's a MX (pro) course out there too. The other is Lake Stanley Draper. We went there a few weeks ago and had a blast. Lots of everything. We spent 8 miles on some great single track and could have gone farther if I hadn't been whining about my bent handlebars.

Let me know if you do find any good areas out that way.

Good Luck

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