Just picked up my 08' WR450

I picked up my BRAND NEW 2008 WR450 last night!:busted: Bike is a nice upgrade from my 2001 WR426. So now, the WR426 is up for sale! PM me if you are interested in a well maintained, kick @$$ WR426. All free mods, new pipe, trail tech odo.

One thing i thought was really cool, was while at the dealer, i stumbled upon one of the parts sales guys 2008 WR450, with AUTOMATIC clutch. No shifting needed! He has done all the free mods, steering damper, AIS removal, and a $700 AUTOMATIC clutch.:worthy: It's FAST. i rode it in the back alley. Start it, drop it in gear, and blast away with no clutch. pretty cool.

Anyways, now to start the FUN process of Mod'n my new bike! I can't wait to hit the hills!

PM me if anyone is interested in the 2001 WR426, i'll make you a great deal!

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