Oil Cooler Connections

I realize there are no stupid questions, just stupid people. I will risk falling into that category by asking our experienced XR650L folks a question. Using a Jagg type of oil cooler on the left side below the tank; why not attach the lines to the frame drain plug hole and the case drain plug hole? Would I be bypassing something critical? It would seem that flow would happen thru the cooler? :busted:

Well if you tap into the drain plug your only using gravity for the oil to flow and you wont get what you want thru the cooler. The engine is still gonna pull what it needs down and i dont think it would work too well.

you ask about connecting an oil cooler to both drain plugs and then you tell Denn he's only got one ore in the water? :busted:

Lets move on to the topic please.

How much volume w/oil cooler and where do we find this part at best value.

There was just a pic on here of a guy who had one mounted on his front fender, said something like streetfighter or something like that, seen it just this week.

HERE look at the cooler on the pic, seen some more that use that style cooler.


That's cool maybe that fella will tell us more?

Looks like the one I just bought on e-bay for $21. Wonder where he made his connections. Thanks for the tip Mr. Denn10



Does that cooler fit inbetween the fork tubes, or extend beyond them? Looks like it'll do the job.

Did the seller have any more of them?

hi My ears were burning so here is the info for everyone. The steel line coming out of the motor to the frame is now cut about right where the elephant ear tabs are. Then I put a dog dick end on the steel tubing. Ran a line of parker hose to the oil cooler mounted off a fabricated bracket installed on the front fender mount. Then I ran anoter length of parker hose to a stainless steel line I made to route back to the fitting on the frame. Put a flare on the end of the line and installed it to the fitting. Make sure that the lines are going over the top of the voltage reg and are able to turn the hanldebars lock to lock without streching the line or kinking the line. Start with the line long and cut it to proper lenght. I used automotive crimp clams so the seal is good. I also have a piece of steel tubing in my jacket with two hose clamps incase something happens to the oil cooler some where far away from civilization. I had to shorten the lines on It for the usd conversion about an inch. My bike is torn apart right now should be on the road in acouple weeks. It will be a different beast for sure. Oil temp in socal summer went from 260F to about 215 to 220.


another picture


one more


Here's mine






Does that cooler fit in between the fork tubes, or extend beyond them? Looks like it'll do the job.

Did the seller have any more of them?

The seller is moto-mo on e-bay. I don't think he has any more, but you could ask him. The cooler is the same one as stepho has, but about 1 to 1 1/2 inch less in length and just inside the outer edge of the fork tubes.

Thanks for the pics Stepho and Greentrib. :busted:

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