hi ya i've been offered a yzf 426

hi there people.

need some help.

been offered a yzf 426. been looking on the web and struggling to find anything about it, other than it can be a pain to start.

so can any of you offer any info up on what i should be looking for.

it is road reg, mot etc.

its a 2000 model.

and thats about what i know.

really need to know what sort of mpg they do,(silly i know but with the price of petty these days)

what are the good points and bad.

will be using it for some fun and going to work now and again.

thasnk all:bonk:


i have the same bike and it has a 450 cam in it.. starts up every time.. i usually have to fill up twice a day if its a long day 7-8 hours riding straight.. hardly any breaks..

the 426 is really only a pain to start if you dont know how to do it correctly. if you know the method, they are easy to start. mine always starts in just a few kicks. riding mine hard i can get about 90 to 100 miles on 3.3 gallons. they are a great all around bike, tons of balls. and way fun to ride.

so are there any problem si should look at for?

so are there any problem si should look at for?

I've never had one. These bikes are reliable if you take good care of them

When checking it out look for the typical stuff. Swingarm slack, worn tires, chain slack...general little things that'll indicate how well the guy took care of the bike. If the oil looks dirty when he's trying to sell it, he probably didn't change it often. What sorta riding are you gonna be doing? I also have a '00 426 and love it, it's got the grunt of a 4 stroke but the powerband hits almost like a 2-stroke, great for tight trails with a few mods, and I love mine in the dunes. There are guys on here that have plated their bikes as well. She wouldn't be a good commuter bike by any means but it could handle the road well enough to get you to the trail thats just down the road.

Good luck

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