db testing at gorman

got stopped by the rangers at the bottem of goldhill trail where it meets goldhill road. i have a pro-meg shorty w/12 discs. he said i sounded a little loud and any thing over 103db you will get a ticket. then he asked me if i would like to remove some discs before he tested me. w/5 discs inculding the sparky disc it came in at 103db. well its time for the stock pipe and vortip.


Yes, it's that time of year. The weather warms up a little and the federallies come out in force. Sure wish the federal goverment did not control so much of what people do!

Man, at least he let you take some discs out...that was halfway cool.

The sound thing is only going to get worse. These big thumpers make a lot of racket, it's almost annoying to me riding it sometimes. I think I may try to put together some sort of baffle for my YZ pipe that I could take on & off. Hell, I'm embarassed to even start my bike in my driveway, let alone take a spin on it like I used to on my Husaberg!

I also got tested this weekend. The ranger is a nice guy and I asked him if he would test mine. He looks up make & year, then sets up this round dial with a wire sticking out of it. You set this divice some where on your bike, I chose the back fender as it was the only flat area that would hold it. As you rev up your engine this little wire starts to go in circles at 4500 rpm. That is the testing rpm. Ranger than holds a meter about 3 ft from your tail pipe. Looked to be about a 45 degree angle. My stroker blew 103 on the first try. Than 101 on second. Third produced 100 dbs. He told me that as your guts in muffler gets hotter the db levels go down. So I guess if you know you are going to get tested run the heck out of your machine right before hand. I had to ask the ranger to test mine. Ranger said because I have a CA plate & Duel sported that I didn't need testing. If you are quiet enough for the DMV its must be below 101 db. He took down my plate number and said that if I ever got a ticket to tell them that was tested on this date and passed. I do have a turn down insert that cuts the db level down further and with some slight loss of power. This took place in Texas cyn. He only tests the really loud guys. It's kinda of a pain in the a$$ for the rangers to do this. I believe that if you keep the rpms down when around ranger Rick you will be ok.


What type of riding area were you in? California OHV, National Forest, BLM, ...? Was it a California or Federal ranger? That was very cool of the ranger to let you get your pipe set up for the test. Every ranger (state and Fed) I have ever dealt with here in California has been totally cool. I really think they are on 'our' side.

Has any body been tested with an FMF Q series? What was your number?

I have a 99WR, Big Gun Header (tapered) & exhaust, with the quiet core (krizman insert) & small dowturned tip. I spoke with Paul at Big Gun & said this pipe & bike will test 97-98dB. Have in mind the packing should be replaced regularly. The Forest service Ranger was cool to have allowed you to setup the bike, also the distance to the test equip is "18-20" at a 45 degree.

What type of riding area were you in? California OHV, National Forest, BLM, ...? Was it a California or Federal ranger?

when you enter the park its a state park? then you get back into the hills its federal? correct me if i am wrong.


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