Holy Crap!! Edlebrock nuttiness!!!

I just got home a few min ago from school and just had a WILD ride on the XRR! This bike always amazes me with its raw power (that I can only fully extract on the street)…and tonight was no exception.

While I was in the library the temp dropped from the low 40’s to the high 20’s…so I assume that should lean out the fuel mixture a bit…. This thing had so much power it was outright dangerous!!! :busted:

Of course I had to pin it in every gear whenever possible…and the power it produced was viscous!! More so than normal. :worthy:

I guess I’m looking for a little conversation from the edelbrock owners. I have a full FMF system (high-flow headers and Ti4 can), cut side panel and a foam filter (minus the backfire screen).

The edelbrock is setup for ~60F at 0ft elevation. I have the 21 needle in and I’m out 5 clicks from full rich….I forget what the pump is set to, but it hits hard, so I’m assuming its right.

I followed the instructions and recommendations from the internet….I tried the 19 needle @ ~15 clicks out and the bike ran like a total mess. I couldn’t start the thing and when it finally did light….it backfired like mad.

So I tinkered and came up with this current setting of 21 needle and 5 clicks out…the bike starts SO easy, has great power and the plug looks pretty good (maybe a bit on the rich side)

Does anyone else have their edelbrock set w/ a 21 in running so rich on the low end @ ~5 clicks? I’ve been meaning to check if I have an air leak…but I really don’t think I do…..why is my carb set so much richer than everyone else’s? I'm assuming it was so cold out that it leaned the fuel mixture just enough to produce a noticeable punch in power....

Hey Maroast. I have pretty much the same set up as you: Full FMF, cut airbox, UNI filter with the Edelbrock. My bike likes it rich too! I'm at 6 out from full rich. You are right, most hear are between like 15 and 21 from full rich but that just didn't cut it for me.

Your experience at the library is what we call your bike "coming into the jetting". So for 'normal' temps you could probably stand to lean it just a bit. A couple of clicks really make a difference.

As for that jetting and needle...each bike is different just go with what's best for you. Spend a day of testing. That's what is great about the Eddie is the ease of adjustment. Rock on.

temp dropping prolly helped as the air intake charge temp was lower so you could make more power, cooler and denser intake air is better. I used to drive to notice a fair amount of difference in my VW from where im at and when i hit cooler air at lower elevations, kinda like you said makes you feel like you got an instant mod LOL

kinda like you said makes you feel like you got an instant mod LOL

Yeah, no joke! It was hitting way more brutal than normal.

Thanks for the info husky...I know I have to tinker with it a little more to ensure I get the max power out of it (its running pretty freakin good now)...but every time I say im gonna work on it, I say screw it and go for a ride!!! :busted: .....I'll get around to it one of these days...

I know what you mean about setting the Edelbrock up at the recommended settings. I had set mine up with the 19e at 16 clicks out, and it to ran like crap, was hard to start and the idle was all over the place. I have been slowly putting more clicks into it. I am at about 12clicks out and it still has a bit of a lag. So I will continue to richen it up and check the plug. Oh yeah, I have a yoshi slip on, modified airbox lid and k&n filter. Stock otherwise.

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