DR usfs spark arrestor necessary?

Hey, there, just a question for thought...

Unless I ride my plated 05 DR650 (with stock pipe and usfs sa stamp) on trials exclusively for OHV (CA green and red stickers which do require usfs sa), why do I need a pipe with usfs spark arrester?

I have yet to ride on a trail where Jeeps and other street legal 4x4s can legally go...as those vehicles which are also just platted must only care about DOT and sound issues from their flowmaster mufflers...

Take Death Valley for instance, Mengel Pass can have platted bikes, no OHV (green or red stickers, no Rhinos, etc.), and plated jeeps with flowmasters...

It seems that the rangers (even at Kennedy Meadows) for example should only check sound pressure levels (SPLs) and DOT stuff (tires, blinkers, horn, brake lights etc.)...

Does this mean that all the big bmws and vstroms come with usfs sa stamps on their stock mufflers?

Just was wondering...as it seems no plated bike should have to worry about sa stamps unless they do on trials that are exclusively for OHV only...

Depends on who is managing the land you are riding on - the state, BLM, NFS, or private - and what rules they enforce on the land they manage. Here if GA, if you ride NFS land, your bike must be equipped with a USFS approved spark arresting device regardless of whether or not the bike is street legal. Jeeps, 4WD trucks, etc., are not allowed on NFS lands with open exhaust.

Does this mean that all the big bmws and vstroms come with usfs sa stamps on their stock mufflers?

Yes, they do.

The ranger here in commiefornia are getting really tough on motorcycle inspections before you enter parks. From what I've heard the state rangers are worse than the federal one, but they still check. And, even the federal rangers use the more restrictive commiefornia standards and not federal standards.:busted:

Yeah, I know the difference here in commifornia (great...gonna use from now on) between the law and those who enforce it...

got a ticket for tresspassing once while hunting, and the dfg ranger didn't even know it was the opening day for the second dove season in december! There were no signs posted where we were, and he was going to add a ticket for hunting out of season until he called some body at hq

hijacked my own thread...I meant that Jeeps can have street legal non-open exhaust (such as flowmasters) on jeep trails in the forrest, but If I slap dot approved dunlop 606's on my Harley Sportster (hypothetical) and ride on the same legal trail, are they going to search for a usfs spark arrestor on that chrome and legally loud pipe?

Any vstrommers want to answer about the stamp on the dl100 and dl650 pipes? does it say usfs spark arrestor? I do care about the environ, especially legally loud pipes and sparks and forrest fires etc..., but was just wondering...

It pretty much seems that court might be the place to correct field interpretation and subsequent enforcement...

I've been riding USFS lands with a SA many years and have wondered the same thing, almost seems like cars and jeeps get a free pass.


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