Why do people think they are soo bad A$$.

so i am on the way to go ridding friday at LAke Elsinor and i get a flat tire 15 miles away. my tire is wasted cause drove on the shoulder to get off the high way. i figure i better turn around and get this fixed since i would be stranded with no spare if i have another flat. i go to discount tire in PB to get one new tire since i have only 10k on them. my bike is in the bed and i hear the manager yelling about "a yz426 with a kick stand, man i would kill my slef with one of those on there the way i ride" i was like dude, i ride in the desert all the time and there is no where to stand your bike up. he opened his mouth again and rambled on about more crap i could care less about. baskily that i am a &%$#@! for having a kick stand, real men ride MX bla bla bla. i will remember that for where i next bring my money for tires and if i ever work for discount tire in the accounting departemnt, i will look him up as a person to have fired.


That guy sounds like a bad ass (snicker) :)

Probably wasn't even a current rider. I have heard remarks like that on and off. guys talking of the old days, when they could( or would) ride. Jsut go with the flow and ignore. :)

sounds like a never has and never will be. There are plenty of those around, and they always seem to have big mouths. Whether its dirt bike riding, golfing, shooting, basket weaving or whatever your hobby is, there will always be someone that you meet that thinks they absolutely know more than you. I kinda get a kick out of it. Just nod your head and agree with them, and laugh at their ignorance as you walk away.

I have found that most of the world's top motocross racers work at tire shops... haha. It seems like the people that talk the most shlt usually look like idiots after the fact. I went shooting with some friends once, it was the first time I ever shot a gun. The whole way there one guy kept talking about how great a shot he is, he wouldn't shut up about it for five seconds. Well, he sucked, it was my first time and I did twice as good as he did. If you have to try and convice people of how good you are then usually it's because you don't have the actions to back up the words.

Funny, I got a flat tire on my truck driving to Elsinore last week too.

one of my old bosses was a tosser like that, he was gunna show us how to ride, needless to say we took him on the slipperiest, greasiest hell ride we knew, he was wineing for weeks, that tought him his lesson.

There is an old Confucian saying...

"He who talks about it most, does it least"

... and I have found that to be true in all areas, from the "I-could-have-been-a-pro-rider" to the self styled "office casanova"

Sounds like you just met another one of the breed...



For what it's worth...

I bought my hubby a bolt on kick stand for his birthday, and he will probably tell you it is his favorite "mod".

Screw that guy. Just remember, when you are out riding your bike, he's changing tires.

We have a local fast guy around these parts,.. his name is Rusty Reynaud. Hes probably the nicest guy you would ever meet and to talk with him about riding he is as humble as they come.

I think hes around 40 (not sure but I know he was racing, and winning!!, A class BJEC races back in the late 70's-early 80's) and he will SMOKE 99% of the woods riders around here.

My point is, as others have stated, usually the reserved, quiet people are the ones to look out for. Others are trying to fullfil their dreams by talking poop.

I met this guy once who kept talking about how good he was at dirt jumping, and how he used to kick everyone's A$$ racing BMX. So my buddies and I take him to the local jumps.

He breaks out like a 1970 BMX bike, not maintained since then and lines up on the little jumps. One of my friends said" we jump over here, the little kids jump over there" which they did. So the guy is like oh-yeah I was just looking at them. We all took off and jumped through the rhythm section, 4 doubles with 8 foot lips and 10-15 foot gaps, and were waiting. He takes off coasts down the start hill, every one else pedals like mad. The guy goes up the lip of the jump loops out and does half of a back flip and lands head first at the base of the landing. We thought he broke his neck, to bad it was only his left clavical. :) Needless to say he never muttered a word again to any of us.

Actions do speak louder than words!!!! :D


His accident wasn't funny but I couldn't stop laughing.

I'm glad he wasn't hurt.

Those are the kind of guys that you invite out to go ride with you. If he is as good as he says he is you might learn something, If not HE will definately learn something. I think he needs an invitation to the dez.

Course with the 426, you could leave it in the pick-up bed and just ask him to start it.....It would be worth replacing a plug to watch an "expert" kick themselves silly.

Just the shock of watching him kick to the hardspot and launch himself over the handlebars could be amusing.


That's the kind of people who i hate the most. i love my kickstand! i can stop and put the bike on the stand wherever i want, while my buddies have to find a tree, and it's usually a pine and get sap all over their rides! that guy at the tire shop is probably the guy who does one or two laps and puts his bike on a triangle to stop and "catch his breath from that hardcore riding!" another one of my favorite riders is the guy who is always clutching the latest copy of dirt rider. we have a buddy of ourse who rides quads, i know how u feel about those things anyways, and every week he has a new bike. this week it was the suzuki z 400 or something like that. he told me "this is tha fastest bad ass four wheeler around, and it's gonna stomp all those &%$#@! dirtbikes you guys ride!" i told him to bring it down and i'll watch my buddy's little cousin on the CR 80 ride circles around him!

Don't worry Real men change poopy diapers and and pay more income taxes per year than I wan't to admit....

The fact that he pissed you off should of identified him as a major loser in life that we all run into all to often these days. :)

Unfortunately, when we have our bikes with us :D

Quads are funny :D! My "I-used-to-be-a-racer" friend got a new quad and was going racing with us! He'd been to several races with us to watch and "critique" the riders; trouble is, I think he was really watching all the babes hangin' on the young studs instead of the racing. :)

I'll give him credit for putting his money where his mouth was on practice day: I warned him not to expect to keep up with Sky-Man (on his 50cc Cobra) and his fast little buddies, and to just stick with me (I know better!) and learn the track and his machine. Of course, I got a snicker and a "Yeah, sure"... I was being sincere and did not wish to see him get hurt and those kids NEVER run out of energy and are experienced racers who love to bait suckers...

Half hour later,covered with mud and gasping for air and guzzling water, with a battered body and quad he humbly concedes :D. "If you aren't in shape and can't corner on a dime...forget it!"

He later challenges Sky to some 100 or so yard drag races... Pain was followed by outright humiliation :D. He sold the quad soon after. He DID meet a nice girl, though: She was on the quad that finished in front of him every moto... :D

It's always fun to see "experts" shut down by 7 or 8 year old kids! I'm experienced enough to just get out of their way! :D

I feel fortunate that "my" parts guy is actually an accomplished racer! Even so, he offers advice but never insists HE is THE expert. We met when he told me how bad my body position was when I jumped and "do it like this"...He was right!

I had a buddy and his friends piss me off years ago acting like they were really hot. I had been hurt pretty bad and they convinced me to race an enduro with them. "Right before the race, they said come look at the front of our bikes because it's the last time you'll see them today."

I didn't say a thing and some of them started 22 minutes in front of me. By the end of the day, I had passed every single one of them and had a much better score. I told my buddy that I needed to talk to him. When he came over to my bike, I said he might want to take a look at the front of my bike since he hadn't seen it all day. :) He was pretty quiet after that.

It used to be that kickstands would fall down. I remember cutting inner tubes and sliding them up the swingarm to pull over the end of the kickstand. Not anymore, I've never had mine come down or move even at extreme speed over bumps.



I love riding my wr with kick stand at the track, turn on the headlight to let them know I am coming. People love being passed by a suposed "trail bike."

Smart man once say arguing with a fool makes two.

Its better to not even bother with those types.

You should have told the guy that you put it on to psych out the competition! After you finish your moto you put in on the kick stand just past the finish line and fire up a Camel while waiting for the rest of the pack to catch up. :)

Man...the one thing I hate more than herpes...is a Kickstand on a race course, MX or HS or Enduro's....Just two weeks ago I got tangled up with a knuckle head that had an oversized KS that stuck out atleast 5 inches from the swingarm...damn that hurt.

Bonzai :)

Jeepers Yamakaze that's rough eh? I mean it's gotta be a real pain avoiding all those big ol' nasty kickstands! They must be almost as bad to get around as those wide motocross handlebars or oversized footpegs. Those gotta go too. Come to think of it they should ban fat-a$$ed riders and all those messy haybales littering the corners as well. Then life would be perfect! :)

Peace Eh - P.Z.

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