Why do people think they are soo bad A$$.

Yamakaze - sorry to hear you have the herps. There are drugs you can take for that.

Anyway - I raced 150mi in the Jack Pine Enduro this year with my Kickstand. Never once through all that thick crap did it get in the way or get hung up on something. Next time tell that rubberhead that you use it to beat guys like him over the head with it.

Whenever I hear someone brag about how well they ride I bring out my secret weapon. My 13 year old son on his '01 WR426. All they see is the A$$ end of his bike (and it even has a kick stand). And at 190 pounds (him, not the bike) he can also pick the bike off the groung. That also ticks people off. When ever I try to keep up with him I get hurt. Probably because I'm old (48 today) or that I only ride a DRZ400. Come to think of it, he kicks my butt when we switch rides! Oh well. :)

It always seems to be the boneheads with the limited riding experience that get into a sharp left hand corner with a herd of stampeding iron horses that does something stupid (Like stopping for no reason) that causes someone (Like Me) sliding to the outside of a turn to get speared.....Granted it has only happened to me twice in the many years of off road racing, But I'll tell you ...It hurts like hell. and it leaves a nasty bruise....

Thats one of the reasons I like running the GNCC Circuit...The tech inspection normally takes care of that...

Bonzai :)

Well.....I'm sure that we all had "limited riding experience" at one time, and some still do. Without new blood this sport would surely die off. As far as being boneheads there are certainly a few of those here too, I don't think you can shake that too easily, kinda like herpes. Of course all the boneheads know who they are........

Peace Eh - P.Z.

So, Yamakazie, I am to assume you were never in the "limited experience" catagory? Not all of us just jumped on our first bike and rode the A Class. I'll inform the bike rags so they can get your picture on the cover soon, as I would think you must be some sort of phenomenon. :):D

Lets just say that I have enough respect for my fellow racers, than to un-necessarally endanger them and cause senseless injury by not removing unnecessary protuding objects.

You on the other hand appear to be one of thos "I don't give a crap...I paid my money I'll do what the hell I want...Kind of riders that the rest of us must constantly be on the look out for.

What else you got......

Bonzai :)

Heh heh. The only thing protruding from my bike may be a stiff arm on occasion when some overzealous, self important guy has it coming. :D

I don't have a kickstand, don't need one.

Don't worry about having to look out for me, you would have to catch me in order to look out for me. :):D

Besides, I never referred to any "protrusions" in the first place, just about "limited ability" riders.

But, in agreement, if someone has a kickstand sticking that far out, they need to remove it. I personally have never seen one like that. The ones I have seen tuck up nicely under the number plate and are restrained with a rubber loop. If your're getting your leg or whatever torn up by that, then you're gonna have to require the guy to remove his swingarm, sprocket, chain, footpegs and tire so you can get by unscathed.

I can definetly see your point about kick stands sticking out. I've seen several that are waaaayyy out there.

I never ran one when I did enduros. Just one more thing to fall off and keep tight.

Plus, if everyone is so worried about the weight of the bike when racing, they shouldn't carry around components they don't need anyway.

Here's a perfect...Look at the guy on the outside in this photo...He's not the guy I slid into..But that stand should not be there...It sticks out a good 4-5 inches from the swingarm...I measured my WR's stand at 5 3/4 inches out from the swingarm....Thats why it's not there...


Additionally, For the record I said "Limited Experience" Not "Limited Ability"......Racing is a completely different ballgame than being the "Man" when out play riding with your buddies.....You can be the baddest dude in your group and have your butt handed to you when you mix 50 guys who have real race experience and feed off the adrenalin rather be overwhelmed by it.

Bonzai :)

Check out the Kaze !

Hey Kaze, looks like you were in perfect position to pick off all three of em ! And aren't they all 2 strokes? You be "da" man !

Thanks for posting that pic


Ask all the guys without kickstands who got beat by this old guy on his kick stand equiped street legal bike! I was suprised too, 1 min. 46 sec. lead after 50 miles! Never heard a peep? :)

DRAMAKAZIE, "experience" or "ability" whatever. The bopttom line is that we were all beginners at some point in time. Give em a break, or pretty soon you won't have anyone to race against. Or is that the point so you can win every race? So you ran into a guys kickstand. Don't run into kickstands. It's not rocket science. What happens if you run into some guys back tire next weekend, ya gonna ask that he remove his rear tire? Last time I looked, handlebars stick out a wee bit more than 5 some inches, you want everybody to take those off too? :D

Sorry to hear about your herpes, I'm sure that has to be embarrasing and difficult to explain to your partner. :)

RoosteR13 - you took the words right out of my mouth, but don't expect too many people here to change thier opinion, or admit that just maybe there are other viewpoints that aren't entirely wrong. Lots of "type A" personalities out there, ya just gotta take it all in for the entertainment value, if for nothing else. :)

Peace Eh - P.Z.

Yeah, there certainly is not a lack of passion amongst serious riders/racers. So KAZE modded his bike to be safer for other riders (and himself) and I can see why it bothers him that other's don't grant him the same consideration. And I'm sure he got a little peer pressure himself that helped him decide his position on this issue.

It's kind of like when you bite the bullet and run a quiet exhaust for the sake of the land use battle. You know you are doing the right thing. Others may not see it that way and even if you might resect their right to a different opinion, it can still piss you off when you hear a very loud bike. I tried various things to quiet my bike down and currently am back to a loud exhaust. I get a lot of comments from those who think differently and while I respect their opinion, I have to make my own choices. Eventually, I will figure something else out after I get tired of getting enough flack about it, I guess. :)

Oh Yeah...can you break it too your... :) .., ah what the hell you'd never understand anyway......

Bonzai :D

ah what the hell you'd never understand anyway......

Ooooohhhh, good shot..... :)

You're probably right, your grammatical skills make your posts somewhat difficult to decipher.

Nonetheless, don't get your panties all wadded up, knowing that you race, I kind of thought maybe you enjoy a good "electronic bar check".

You're probably right, your grammatical skills make your posts sowewhat difficult to decipher

Now THAT was a shot! Sheesh - to think that I was holding back on saying something about his picture! :):D You guys crack me up.

Peace Eh - P.Z.

Excuse my ignorance this IS my first post. Kaze I race the GNCC series (Senior A Class) and I have never been told to remove my kickstand. Seems to me like the majority of the fellas with enduro bikes choose to keep them.

By the way I also race the "A" class in district 15 & 14 enduro's and do some moto once in a while. I can see by your sig line you race the morning "C" class at the GNCC. I have lots of friends that just trail ride and they have cleaned my clock before, so just because you choose to race, doesn't make you an expert in the sport.

Furthermore I know of more than a few young ladies who race the morning class along with several mini riders that usually get in the top 10 morning "C" class. So you should step down off your IRON HORSE and quit being so darned arrogant. Which also means they would probably out perform you.

Nobody likes "A legend in their own mind".


Racer 108

Thems big words for your first post. :)

since i started this kick stand rumble, i should add in something. if i where to enter a race i would trake it off. not for safty but to save a pount or 2. i would rip everthing off that bike i could. since i don't atr this point, it will stay.


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