Why do people think they are soo bad A$$.

Took mine off for my first race this weekend.........save's weight :D!

Dodger :):D

A Mind is a terrible thing to waste.......

So..Bubba Gump.<spit>..You say your a GNCC racer..<spit>..What's your number...don't try 108....That belongs to Rus Pearson, a pro rider out of Las Vegas....

Your Dismissed.....

What else you got ?

Surely not an education.....Thats evident, Somebody escourt this clown to the door :)

Bonzai :D


Never implied 108 was my GNCC number. I don't have a regular GNCC number because I didn't reserve one at the start of the season. I have ridden 6 GNCC races this year. All in the SR A class. By the way I ride the A class because I have an A after my AMA number on my card, due to my enduro ranking.

I could sandbag and ride the morning class, but I would rather ride the 3 hour race. 108 IS my district HS number.

I have ridden enduro's and HS since 1979. I've ridden with the Lojak's, Pentons, Burleson, Cunningham, and yes even Jeff Russell before his GNCC days when he was a member of team Husky. We all rode enduro's together. In 82 I qualified for the ISDE but unfortunately due to an illness in the family I declined going.

So enough of WHO Bubba is. I envision you being the pudgy guy who tells everyone at work he races motorcycles to prove what a BAD dude you are. Probably have your head shaved because your pretty much bald anyway. You work in I.S. so you feel godlike.

You're quick to criticize others without even finding out where they're coming from. In reality I and many others who have just been lurking, have probably forgotten more than you know.

Now go ahead and pass on one of your really "cool" comments you heard on TV and then say "You're out of here". By the way, the number of post you've put on the board is not necessarily proof of experience. Just a way to pass on your opinion.

Oh yeah on the education thing, "escourt" is correctly spelled escort not "escourt". Your english teacher would be proud of you.

I will stay on other boards in the future, certainly nothing I could add to this board that you haven't already said.


I just LOVE my kickstand! Riding with 4 kids most of the time, its essential!

I can't believe a Kickstand is such a big issue amongst you "racers"

If and when I race, I seriously doubt that the extra weight of a "kickstand!" will actually make a difference in where I place...Unless of course I need an exuse if I place bad.

Hell I've had to deal with the extra weight of a long shaft that weighs in at a pound or two since I was born!!! :)

Kaze returns to his corner.. " CUT Me Mick, Cut Me" "OK, now get back in there and finish this so we can go home"

"HoooYaaaa" Head first, you Pit Bull... GRRRRRRR



Yamakaze, it looks like it's your turn in the barrel. :)

I really like my kickstand. It always comes in handy, but then again I don't ride alot of track and I'm not fast enough to feel the 2 or 3 extra pounds. Some clubs have rules against them and I can see their point too.

Damn....What happened....A high School graduate in the home came by to assist you in your reply? That was nice of them to do that for you.

First of all I could really give a $hit less who you are or what rock you crawled out from under.

When it comes to the statement: "You're quick to criticize others without even finding out where they're coming from"

It proves nothing more than you are an uninformed MORON. The only time I have ever taken a swipe at anyone...which has probably been 3 times in two years, is when someone like yourself wants to come up out of the sewer and take a swing..... That being the case I will stand toe to toe with your ignorant A$$ on any occasion.

Talk about a job so you can feel God Like.....Excuse me there Mr Jelly Dounut....I believe that's your department...

If you would like to finish our discussion in person I will be at every GNCC next season, and at every SETRA Harescramble race in the Southeast this season..... I am not hard to find...Just ask anyone at the registration counter (Rita for GNCC's) and (Bo at HS)


Bonzai :)

Is it just me or is this whole thread about what an insufferable "bad a$$" DRAMAKAZIE thinks he is?

I think racer108 pretty much has it pegged, he's probably about 5'-4" tall and weighs in at around 220, has a box of Krispy Kremes on his desk at all times so his co-workers will stop by and speak to him so he can tell his stories of glory out on the track (track=the cow path in the back pasture at his step-dads house). In fact, he probably doesn't even have a WR, I envision a TTR.....

Oh, yeah DRAMA, I lied, that little thing you tried to start about the condom, it wasn't a good one, it was, well, it was lame. But that's OK, pre-pubescent prankery still makes some children laugh. I'll bet you still think it's funny to say words like weiner and poop, don't you?


Quit banging your head in your lap...You'll get a sore throat.

What a cheese Di*K you are....

Bonzai :)

i sounds like we have a couple guys suffering from "small penis syndrom" i hate to say it guys but doesnt matter where you race,what you ride or how fast you can ride it.your still going to be stuck with that "ANGER INCH" at the end of day.

That's ANGER 1 1/2 inches thank you very much.....

Bonzai :)

It's interesting how people interact negatively with each other in different parts of the country.

Up north we prefer to use peoples race, color, creed, and sexual orenetation against our oponents. And to really close the deal the mother insults work quite well.

The rest of the country likes manhood or lack of insults.

Interesting! :)

YAMA - Cheese di*k? Wow! That was profound! Yet another fine example of your verbal eloquence. I rest my case.

you must of finally broke down and spent the money for the big bore operation.wow they were able increase size whole 1/2".was it worth it?can you feel any gains in performance?does it feel better on top?or on bottom?i wonder if its reliabilty will be affected?

Racer108 - don't bail on us so soon. If you have the experience that you say you do (and I have no reason to doubt it) then you would be a great asset to this board. I have ridden and bench raced with former I.S.D.E. guys at dealer trail rides, and have always come away totaly impressed with thier depth of knowledge, speed in the woods (crazy fast), humble attitudes and willingness to help out however they can. To me those guys epitomize all that is good about off-road riders.

Seeing as no-one is holding much back anymore - here's my take on the whole thing. Yamakaze - I don't know you, but from reading your posts, I get the feeling that I know guys that are like you. Just "too cool" for your own good I'm afraid. Some of those other comments obviously hit a little too close to home, judging by your responses. Even your username and tag line point towards you being a legend in your own mind. Like I mean come on, get real. Yamakaze? Bonzai? Yeah, let's glorify someone purposely crashing a fuel and explosive-laden aircraft into an American target. That's soooo cool! I could only imagine that there are a few veterans of W.W.2 Pacific Rim battles that would fail to find anything cool about it. Might as well call yourself "Yamanazi" and sign off all your posts with "Hiel Hitler". Personally I find it THAT offensive, especially with the amount of fanatical bombings and crashed aircraft in the world to-day.Thus ends my rant for the day. I seriously hope that I didn't offend anyone too badly.

Oh - BTW, I love my kickstand, wouldn't ride without it.

Peace Eh - P.Z.


Bonzai :)

i love thumpertalk.it sucks i got to go to work now and it looks like TT forums are going to be very entertaining today.

Kamikazes attacked American ships not Canadian. The Canadian Navy ships were too small of a target.

And do you know how hard it was to row all the way to the Pacific from Canada?

Why get your panties in a bunch just because Yamakaze is not the most politically correct handle? Going from Yamakaze to Heil Hitler is a big leap.

Why would you care if his handle is politically incorrect?

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