Why do people think they are soo bad A$$.

beezer, its the same way down in San diego. But here males are called a "bitch " alot. this word is great. it can be used to describe a femal dog, ex girl friend, current girl friend, girl who would not sleep with you, girl who did sleep with you, any other girl, and a dude you want to fight. Race is not a big one here. we leave that to red necks down south. or the east county san diego people.


Nothing but "Newbie" bench racers.........pathetic.........


Dodger :):D

I am well aware that kamakaze pilots attacked American ships. I did specifically say "American target" . Without getting into a history lesson let me say that in W.W.2 the Canadian navy was a large, well-equipped, capable fighting force. Years of piss-poor government and Liberal politics have all but crippled our once-proud armed forces. Remember - Great Britian and Canada were fighting the Nazis long before Japan's Pearl Harbour attack brought the U.S. into the fighting war.

For the record - political correctness has nothing to do with me taking offence to the Kamakaze reference. I personally despise political correctness.

"Kiss my a$$" - what a well thought out and carefully-crafted response; that's just about what I had expected.

Peace Eh - P.Z.

Pete, instead of denigrating our fellow Yamie rider we should help him with his responses.

I'm willing to give Kaze a free course in the Northern NJ School of Verbal Abuse taught by the legendary Steve Jacovino.

By the way don't you Canucks vote?

By the way don't you Canucks vote?

That's a pretty bold statement after YOUR last election. Who won that one anyway? :) At least up here people are almost universally screwed-up when they vote. The good guys don't even have a chance, just ask anyone from Western Canada.

Peace Eh - P.Z.

I think you guys have vented some, got somthing out of your system... otherwise, I can't see the point of continuing this post...

Subject closed... Go and ride to work off your anger...


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