Exhaust pipe envy

Hey a shout out to you crafty guys, is to possible to paint an after market pipe? After ample ground time if you will have some nice scratches and dents, then tried to buff out and really f'd up the thing. Any help would be awesome thanks!


If the pipe you have is THE pipe for you, I would seriously consider having it ceramic coated. Big Gun supposedly sells their's this way. Protection, looks, AND performance. Not to mention it seriously reduces external pipe temps. if applied inside and out. JET HOT is a big name in this area and I think they can also take out the dents.

Otherwise, you might try high-temp header paint for cars (available in several colors. I recommend black, but you may prefer aluminum or some other color) or check with your local powder-coating company for their suggestions. I've never tried it on a bike, but had fair results (till winter) on cars/pickups. Hope this helps. :)

Thanks Chaindrive, awesome ideas my friend I actually have a connection for powder coating, I think that I will give him a call! Thanks again


The pipe itself is in very working shape, just looks pretty poor. Iam stil waiting for a return call from spray guy, its the e-series w/12disc, the emblem got ripped off on a nice endu I must say, I have paid my gravity bill and spending more quality time riding so I am slowly trying to undo my damage but have to keep budget in tach or wife will kill. thanks guys for the help!


Powder coating does not generally work on items that get higher than about 400°F (it wil melt back off). There is a silicon spray paint for exhaust pipes that supposedly works pretty well. I can't remember the brand name.

You might consider header pipe wrap if you are concerned about the external temperature. I've got some that I'm planning to apply real soon. A friend did the header on his XR650R a few weeks ago and he's very happy with it. The kit he bought had enough for two bikes so he gave me what he had leftover. I don't think it was very expensive (~$35 for the kit).

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