hot cam - flat battery!

My next concern is heat .

I'm in for the oil cooler.

These run alittle hot stock and more HP will net more heat.and the oil volume can't hurt.

Edddie, its highly likely the piston is the problem, not the cam.

I used to run a race spec Dominator engine with a 675 piston and full race megacycle cam (much lumpier than the Hotcam) and I could start that on the button with no decompressor (it was a billet cam).

The trick to starting it is to pull the engine back onto compression (put it in gear and pull it back till you hear the carb suck and then it wont move any further). Then put it in neutral and hit the starter. If you have a strong battery it will turn over and fire.

This is the same routine for push starting a big single (that I have to use all the time with no starter equipment fitted!)

I hope this helps.

PM me if you need any more help - Im in the UK

BTW- another weak spot that came up after building the L is the tranny. 2nd gear especially. That is my next fix. I don't like the way 2nd feels, and don't bang 2nd gear too much. Besides after a cam,piston,rod,valves,carb,and exhaust, 3rd gear is the new 2nd!!:busted:

You can use an XR600R trans (or just 2ng gear gearset) and get rid of the big 1-2 jump.


Thanks everyone for your replies...thats given me more options to look at. I think firstly trying to roll back and decompress in gear and start that way is a good option, but for a bike that I want to use on the road its not simple enough. I want the mods with the ease of use.

That leaves the cam grind with stock decomp. gear still on...this sounds the best.

The original bike i saw the guy running it had an HRC cam as whatever else he had used did'nt work as well as the HRC, does anyone know if it callows for decomp mechanism ?

The other point is, it won't tick over on low revs. Its a standard carb, no changes...which I would like to change, is that the problem there??

Finally does anyone know how the profile and the piston of the Dominator vary from the standard 650L, I'm thinking for the eases of finding parts from a breaker.

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