XR 650 CAM

What kind of Cam should I get? How about the AL Baker XR's only cam. The price is right just don't know which on would be good for desert. Stage 1 or Stage 2? I want to be able to just drop it in with the stock springs and rockers

What are the specs on both cams vs. stock? Also, do they recommend changing the head pipes on the 650? They seem small for such a large displacement. I'd hate to overcam the bike and lose all the low end torque it produces, while still not making all the big end power it's capable of.

Check with Rob Barnum of www.barnumspro.com He has several differnt cams for the XR650R and can give you first hand info about each one including any other work you may need to take full advanatage of the new cam specs. Rob's also ThumperTalk's Expert in this area and is a sponsor of this site.

The Stage 1 cam is fast, and the Stage 2 cam is faster. :):D

Tim had mentioned getting the Batwing insert for the intake. It's cheap enought. Has anyone tried it.

I'm just going to wing it here - I would doubt that aftermarket cams that allow you to use the stock piston and valve springs will give much more lift, just duration. That usually means power at higher revs. That leads me to think that breathing,(pipe - carb - porting - Bat wing), would have to considered along with the cam to realize the BRP's potential. I believe this motor has plenty of low end reserve so that a cam with top end bias would work in the woods and the desert.(IMHO) :)


I dropped a hotcams in my L. I'm sure they offer cams for the R as well. The reasons I chose this one is:

1)I didn't have to get real radical with replacing springs, etc

2)It's a machined cam, not a regrind like so many others

My engine was in great shape, so I just replaced the cam and piston (higher compression) but those two things gave me a whole new bike. It feels 40lbs lighter with real snappy, usable power and torque gains both high and low.

The new cam didn't use the factory decompression on mine (it mounts internally on the end of the cam), is this a concern on the R, or is it manual decomp?

Good Luck

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