Changing Radiator Cap. Bottle?

I am a little worried about the heat of my engine running my new 13-1 compression piston. I want to know what cap to run for a cooler engine and why are you guys taking off the overflow bottle. Before any of you spank me I was a good tt’r and read the archives. Most seem to be using a 1.6lb cap from the KX500. Sounds good but why take off the bottle. It doesn’t appeal to me and if I get lost in the woods I might need a drink. Can I make the change without removing the overflow bottle? Is the KX500 cap the one?

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"They" remove the bottle to reduce weight.

For slow woods riding, I don't think I'd go without mine...Taint worth it.

I run a 1.8 cap from an '01 kx65 on my 14 to 1 444cc engine.

I don't run the resevoir and have never had an issue.

I have gotten caught in some snotty terrain too.

Wow! 14-1 with 444! ~ I thought I was a power freak. Now I must change my profile because I see there is a bigger dog out there. Can I sit on your porch?

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Sitting on my porch could be considered spam.

I also pulled 60 grams out of my first 97mm piston and pin.

When all yur freinds ride 520's it's time to build an underdog!

Next I am planning to dyno test the new Web cam grinds and the new Hot cams.

This along with a big valve head...

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