im trying to find exhausts for my 99yz400

im looking to buy an exhaust but there are no good parts sites that have anything for my bike, i really want an fmf titanium 4 or a whitebros exhaust anyone know any sites to find some

Used on eBay may be it for you.

Does anyone know whether the exhaust a 426 will fit a 400?

it sure looks the same. I bought a used stocker that was supposed to be for a 426 and it went right on my 400, same mounts and everything. Same as the header on mine is off a 426. Gray are the subframe mounts different on a steel sub frame versus an alum. one ? Maybe i just got lucky.

but we are talking used stuff, so i would not say 100%.


The reason I asked that is that there may still be new exhaust components available for the 426, and certainly the pool of used parts is larger for them.

Wait! I think I just had an idea. Try MRD Exhausts

I have the FMF PowerCore 4 for the YZ426 on my 1999 YZ400F and it fits just fine.

I had to jimmy the exhaust just right to get it to fit properly (it took me about 20 minutes). the lower sub-frame mouting location lined up perfectly but I had to bent the mounting bracket a bit to get it around the muffler (the bracket was used to keep the old Exhaust (FMF Q series). the Q Muffler had a thinner profile. but after messing with it for a hile I got it to fit perfectly.

if anyboby needs pictures.....I can take some for all of you.

btw...... Pro Circuit and FMF make Mufflers for the older YZ400F but you have to look for it to find it.

I found my FMF Power Core 4 Muffler on Clearance at a Cycle Gear so I figured it was worth it to make it work instead of buying one specifically for my Bike.

Hope this helps!!!!

Patrick M.

i have a 98 yz400f and i have the fmf titanium 4 blue anodized edition. its a great full pipe but u better be ready for it to be loud. that ****ing pipe is the loudest pipe i've ever heard it rasps and if ur bike isn't tuned right it will pop on decel a little more than average and make sure u check for any exhuast leaks... also it has some bigger gains than most pipes great exhuast!!!! its worth the noise, its loud but very good sounding. i think this is the link if not pm me and ill find...

If your Ti4 is that loud, you should repack it.

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