How to fit a WR 450 in your mailbox

I dont have the answer to the riddle, but however I do wanna say (as if you havent heard it before) this is a kick ass thread. Ive read it from page one, probably since the start of page 1, but never really commented or anything. But hands down you are the man! this story has/is been awesome to read, especially the job you do on keeping everyone updated with everything. Noone wants to start a good story, and find out that the last few chapters are missing! Haha, anyways, just thought id give my appriciation on the entertainment/inspiration this thread has been. Cant wait to see pics of it in action.

Good job with that riddle. Now here's another - where does the white go when the snow melts?

As I have said before "imagine the street value of that stuff!" CDM in B.O.D.

Don't forget to put a clamp on that upper hose from the radiator to your heater.

You, my friend are an urban cowboy. Rock on and dont let anyone tell you that you cant ride.

She opened her eyes for a minute.

It won't be long now. I'll put her GoGo boots on tonight and she'll be dancin' tomorrow.:thumbsup::D:eek:

Good job with that riddle. Now here's another - where does the white go when the snow melts?

Does it go to the High 'burrr' nation?

She opened her eyes for a minute.

That is a beautiful thing frostbite

Glad to see she is awake............I bet you can't wait to hear her run like you did in've come along way, so has the bike for that matter....GREAT job and keep us posted on how she runs up there in all that white stuff.......I went for a ride today and it was 75 degrees at the 4500 foot elevation........that would be above zero Frostbite..........not that you have seen anything above zero since you've been home..........sorry.....

Hi everyone

I just finished the bike, 100% complete, ready to ride tomorrow.


I'll post some details later, but right now I'm beat. I had the flu last night and this morning but recovered enough this afternoon to tidy up the bike. I'd have to be pretty darn sick to not ride tomorrow.

Thanks to everyone for keeping me motivated and for all the positive feedback and great humor, it made this a very positive experience.

ThumperTom gets an extra large thanks, for starting me off on the right Phoot in Phoenix, and for rescuing me from the crack hotel I had unknowingly booked myself into. :ride:

He also renewed my faith in humanity, helping out a total stranger in a world where that doesn't seem to happen as often as it used to - Thanks ThumperTom! I'm going to pay it forward. :thumbsup::eek::D

Today I realized that my $20 Costco mechanics seat is the perfect height and ideal for a bike stand. It has wheels on it, so now I can roll the bike around the house without poking holes through the floor.:thumbsup:

Hey FB,

Good job! Did you remember to stop and start the clock to keep up with assembly time? Happy trails. I'll be gone riding this weekend too so I will have to catch up with your ride report on Monday.

EDIT: Are your tires bad about chunking with those spikes and the low temp?

Hey FB,

Good job! Did you remember to stop and start the clock to keep up with assembly time? Happy trails. I'll be gone riding this weekend too so I will have to catch up with your ride report on Monday.

EDIT: Are your tires bad about chunking with those spikes and the low temp?

The tires are no problem, but the cables on the new 450 aren't as flexy as the 400 at low temperatures. It's -31C, which is cold but not extreme here, and the sensor cable snapped like glass when the front end dropped off my front step. The bike was sitting on the step for a minute while I grabbed my camera. The cable got cold and cracked when the suspension compressed. Oh well, the clock still wortks.

The front brake line is also like steel down along the front fork. The bend at the top is better, but a good bump will crack it also. I never had these problems with the 400, even below -40F, so I'll replace the 450 brake lines with new 400 lines - must be more real rubber in them.

That being said............this bike is freakin' awesome! I can't believe there is such an incredible difference. Power, throttle response, handling and weight - especially weight. This bike just loves the snow, a ton more than my 400, and I don't even have the ski on yet. I don't think the few less pounds makes a direct difference, but the few pounds must make the difference between floating and sinking. The bike skips across the snow like the 400 never did. I am honestly shocked at the difference. In my first ½ hour of riding I ripped up snowmobile hillclimb routes that the 400 couldn’t touch.

I was having a blast, until I ran out of gas. There’s only 1 pump in town and it doesn’t open until 1PM. I didn’t have any so I transfused some from the burnt 400 tank. The hole burnt through the corner of the tank made for a nice pouring spout. It was also a little symbolic, the old 400 transfusing life blood into the new 450. It didn’t get me off reserve, but was close. I knew I had no fuel but was having so much fun I was willing to walk back to town if I had to. The bike bogged on a hillclimb so I whipped around and coasted home, it was all downhill. The pump opens in a few minutes and then I’m outta here!

One major problem I can see – I’m not going to have much time for the job now, and eventually I run out of money for fuel. I am absolutely playing hookey for the rest of the weekend – the crew understands.

Best part of the bike so far, the trick storage compartment for my block heater, no more dangling cords. :thumbsup:

If I run into a Polar Bear this afternoon, know that I died a happy man.:eek::D:ride:

Looked up your town in websters dictionary and this is what I found:


Pronunciation: \ˈde-sə-lət, ˈde-zə-\

Function: adjective

Etymology: Middle English desolat, from Latin desolatus, past participle of desolare to abandon, from de- + solus alone

Date: 14th century

1: devoid of inhabitants and visitors : deserted

2: joyless, disconsolate, and sorrowful through or as if through separation from a loved one <a desolate widow>

3 a: showing the effects of abandonment and neglect : dilapidated <a desolate old house> b: barren, lifeless <a desolate landscape> c: devoid of warmth, comfort, or hope : gloomy <desolate memories>

Guess you're passionate about something up there besides your bike...or maybe you are just avidly collecting Benjamin Franklin photographs. Way to make it happen dude :thumbsup:

That is awesome! Nice job.

I'm guessing the difference you feel between the 400 and the 450 is the extra power, the weight difference and the lower center of gravity. I went from an '06 WR to an '07 WR and I noticed a difference right off the bat. Can't imagine what going from the 400 to 450 was like.

In that kind of weather, what do you wear for a glove? You've got to have some kind of heated mitten or something.

Awsome FB, glad to see the bike out of its coma and running well, enjoy the power! all of us are so jealous now .


Frostbite............I have seen some awsome views from the hilltops here in SO Cal.......but I think those are the winners...........and it amazes me that you can ride in that with out freezing your nose off..........anyway, good job and enjoy your new ride.............:thumbsup::eek:


what a friggin journey:worthy:

I'm worn out from this thread, time for a nap :thumbsup:

I'll think about FB tomorrow when i break a sweat riding in this dry 70* weather :eek:

I'm just back from 4 solid hours riding. The 450 is absolutely amazing, period.

Weight - feels feather light and just dances over the snow.

Power - my arms are 2 inches longer. (Hmmnnnn, I wonder if I can steer with my !&%$?

Suspension - felt like I was riding on groomed trails

Seat - feels just as hard as the old 400, but that may be because it was frozen solid.

Throttle Response - crisp enough to do super slow controllable 2nd gear wheelies. My wild a$$ guess at jetting must be very close. Actually, it wasn't really a guess. I just put the richest jets in that I had in the house, the only richer ones are in the 400.

Brakes - Even with the old 400 discs the brakes had great stopping power, right up until my rear line shattered from the cold. The front line survived the day, but I ear that's it's going to shatter soon. I have spare lines for the 400 that I will try on the 450. The old lines were perfectly flexy at -40, I guess they had more rubber in them. the new lines are harder to reduce brake fade - from heat - not really a problem for me. My biggest brake problem is timing - I have to hit the brakes long before I actually need them, so that by the time I do need to slow down, the ice is melted off the discs.

Crash-ability - No serious damage from a solid 3rd gear endo, didn't even bend a lever.

I realize that some folks here would cringe at crashing a brand new bike, but I'm an ex-roadracer, and well trained in crashing brand new bikes. :eek: Well, the 450's first crash was a real doozy - a perfect endo, followed by one of the most elegant landings I have ever seen, balancing perfectly on the handlebars and seat.

The #1 thing I tell riders when they ask me about my studded tires is - First get a ski, never ride snow without it, and then worry about traction. Today I broke my #1 rule and got a solid reminder of just how important the ski is. I was so crackin' to get out for a ride that I didn't want to take the time to install the ski. My ski is so great in snow that I don't even know it's there or when it's protecting me from deep powder. I had forgotten how many trips I made over the bars before I found the ski. It's probably been 6 years since I've done a solid face-plant, with 200 spinning carbides wanting to share my landing spot. Luckily I got tossed a bit farther than the bike and it didn't tag me. When the bells stopped ringing I got up and started laughing, the bike was sitting perfectly balanced, upside down.

When I flipped her upright I was surprised at how little damage was done. The license plate bracket broke, the front number plate broke, the vinyl cover for my bar pad shattered, but that's it. It even started right away, even though I left it upside down long enough to dig out the camera and snap a few pics. This is minor damage from a hit that was hard enough to knock the stickers off. :D

So my arms are a little longer, my neck is a little shorter, and my ears are a little ringier. All in all, a good days ride!:thumbsup:

Awsome to hear Frostbite........................enjoy her to her fullest.......

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