Black fender and radiator shrouds for xrr

okay...tell me i'm not crazy, but i know there was a thread on here earlier about black radiator shrouds and fenders for the xrr. i even posted in it (i think). :worthy: so now i log on and check my subscribed threads for an update and it's gone. i look through the first few pages of threads in the 600/650 forum...still nothing. i do a search and nada. now i'm starting to wonder if it was ever really there??? anyone else notice this or am i losing it??? :busted:

I saw it too. I can only guess that it was deleted because it was a post for another on-line vendor instead of the TT store. Maybe not...just a guess

thanks for reassuring me that i'm not crazy...yet anyway. i wondered if that was the reason for it not being here anymore.

It was deleted due to SPAM.

The forum is not about information but, about advertizing for the TT store. Many, many members have been removed for going beyond the rules. The XR650R thread has seen all the racers move on and now it is a XL thread for the most part.

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