Best place to buy a Quicksilver

Hey guys, decided to make the jump and get a Edelbrock Quicksilver. Where can I get one for a good price? Also does anyone know where I can get a GPR stabilizer? Now that I got a top clamp and pro-tapers I want a top mounted stabilizer. The WER works OK but does not have enough damping IMHO. I have it set full hard and still get some deflection. The Scotts is a nice unit but my whole bike is red/silver/black so the I thought the GPR would look trick with my red anodized clamp and silver bars. Does GPR make a front mount kit for the BRP or will I need to get the oil plug kit? Thanks.

Rob Barnum of Barnums Pro Products sells the Qwiksilvers for the best prices around...check and see for yourself. Also, Rob does R&D for Edelbrock and is very familiar with the Qwiksilver carbs and therefore is a good source of phone support if you buy from his company. Rob also sponsors this site and is one of ThumperTalk's Experts and he also races a XR650R professionally while using the Edelbrock as his carb of choice. If you go to ThumperTalk's home page, just click on his name to read his bio and more. Rob's number is (760) 868-8097 and his web page is They used to have a special price for people who asked for "Susan Edelbrock Deal", so it can't hurt to ask about it to see if it gets you an even better price. Barnums also sells the GPR stabilizer and perhaps you could ask them if they'd give you a package deal to save even more :)

Thanks Gadsan! I'll check it out!


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