Should I go from 00YZ426 to the 03 WR450? opinions


How goes it? I am in a bit of a dilemma. I currently own a '00 yz426. Great bike, lots of juice, and loads of fun. However, I don't race on tracks full-time. I mainly do open trail riding and do tight woods. This bike is less than desirable in the tight woods. But, I do like to go on the track every now and then though. Gotta have my AIR! :)

This is for WR owners/operators:

How is the WR in tight woods? (good contrallable power? or too much juice?) Or is it more of a rocket for open terrain?

Do you think that going from the YZ to the WR is a good idea?

What do you like about the WR over the YZ?

Could you rip it up on an MX track a WR?

How much suspension difference is there between the 2 models? (I weigh 205lbs. should I redo the WR suspension if I get one?)

That's it for now. I am looking for honest opinions to assist me in my buying decision. Do you think the new '03 WR450 is going to be "The Bomb" or just another over hyped dud?


well currently i have a wr400 and have tried to make it as "yZ' as possible. for me being 22 iwant a mor race feeling bike. i almost wish i bought a yz 426 when i got my bike. but mine was sooo cheap i couls not pass it up. nobody here has a wr450 since they are not out yet. i think the wr's are going to be more popular since the yz is now a mx machine only kinda bike. buit since i have not ridden one i can not tell you for sure.


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