carbon vs alloy

hey i got a 07 wr450 i have the standard plastic bash plate on it, i am looking for an after market bash plate i wash thinking carbon fibre? are they stronger than alloy, If u have the lastest issue of dirt bike mag look at page 73 theres a wr450 there with the bash plate i am thinking of.

I'm also in the market for a new bash plate. Carbon fiber looks pretty, but in the long run it doesn't hold up to big rock hits.

B&B Aluminum makes some really nice alloy bash plates and there located in Australia.

Hyde Racing makes a teflon/co-polymer skid plate. I did a search TT and most people liked them. I just don't know about it being plastic though.

I'm trying to decide between the two.:busted:

nah theres no point in plastic because i got a standard one on my 07 wr450 and it dosnt hold up to good gets damaged really easy

Nothing like a thick metal "shovel" to keep you riding after trying to move an under ground boulder.

Not all plastic is the same and neither are the Hyde Racing and stock skid plates. I haven't ever used one but I wouldn't be afraid to either. I ended up getting a E-line. I had one on my yz and didn't think I would get another one because of the price. But I did. The epoxy will crack after repeated blows but I think they really do a better job of dissipating the energy. The pipe guard I had on my 2-stroke distributed the impacts so well I never got dents in the pipe but it would bend at the header flange. If I would have seen the Hyde racing one before I got the e-line I think I would have gotten it instead. Seems like the best of both worlds. They can do incredible things with polycarbonates these days!

I have the Hyde Racing skid plate and am completely satisfied with it. It has taken multiple flying rock impacts and direct boulder impacts and there is barely a scratch on it. Definitely the polycarbonate Hyde plate is not as weak as the stock plastic plate and it will definitely outlast a carbon fiber plate. The advantage the polycarbonate has over the aluminum is first it will help deaden the sound of the bike versus magnifying and reflecting it back up to the rider. Also the Hyde plate is lighter and will maintain it's looks better than aluminum.

Go for the Hyde plate you will not be dissappointed.

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