what is the worst bike you've ever had?

mine was a '99 XR100. i cant even explain what a POS that was...

never had a bad bike, they've all been honda's

Definitely was was Huffy 10 speed I picked up in middle school for like 50 bucks. Can't complain about any bike I had that came with one of those cool motor thingy's, cause thems fun!!!

1993 Kawasaki KLX 650R...........................HEAVY!

KTM 125 EXC The bike was awful, no power, starting problems from the beggining, poor suspension even when i adjust it...:busted:

never had a bad bike, they've all been honda's

same here :busted:

03 CR125, the most anemic bike Ive ever ridden

never had a bad bike, they've all been honda's

Maybe you don't know they are bad bikes because that is all you've ever had.:worthy:

For me, it would have to be the 2000 xr100. It really was a great bike, but compared to the kx100 and kx250 it was replaced with, well, theres just no comparison.:busted:

My 07 CRF250X is the only bike I've had besides quads, so I guess its my best and worst bike, but I like it.

85' Husky 125...Total crap! :busted:

93 xr 80 , no matter what i did to it it always , always had a bog to it . piece of junk .

This type of post comes up rather frequently, so I'll just cut n paste what I've written before:applause:

1976 YZ400....nobody could jet this airhammer, it would start dieseling and run all by itself. I would crush the brakes and kill switch...nothin....Only rode it a few times, scary fast, terrible wallowing suspension. Threw it on the ground, and bailed after a big arc in the sand. Once, I turned off the petcock and allow it to lean out til it died...bad idea that was the last time I rode it. Never felt more out of control. (well, maybe teachin the kid to drive) Still shakin 20yrs later from that ordeal.

Also I'm wondering how inexperienced a person would have to be to consider the XR100 a 'worst bike'...I would think that life will teach them otherwise :busted:

Hey T-revs, I had that same husky, only it was a '73. Oh my gosh it was a pos. I was just a kid racing it, it weighed more than I did, and never got me through a race without some catastophic breakdown. I thought I was the only one!!!!!

I bought a new 1972 Bridgestone 350 GTO that was a piece of crap, rode it 200 miles before the tranny started hanging in gear. Stayed in the shop for two months and finally the dealer (an auto parts store) gave my downpayment back (lost 2 monthly payments). I took that money and bought a used Suzuki and rode the whells off it.

1973 XR75 that I got for my 8th birthday. That thing ran great until I learned to ride it. Once I learned how to go fast it would run for two hours and then have to go back to the shop.

Had an early Kawi 500 triple, '69 I think, very nice fast motor, scary fast and pipey, but handled like a farm and Fleet go cart, got a mid 70's triple 400 Kawi ran like s@#t, could not get it jetted, fouled plugs. Then again I had an '81 Honda CR450, bad handling, never ran right, would break your leg if you kicked it wrong, but my '84 CR480 would break your leg also, but handled better. I rode a '97 CR 250, vibrating, swapping, non turning, I'd have to say that bike I would never buy. I could go on and on, I've had a lot of bad bikes. But the good ones have made up for them, and I wouldn't trade the experiences. Mike

Also I'm wondering how inexperienced a person would have to be to consider the XR100 a 'worst bike'...I would think that life will teach them otherwise :busted:

i dont quite understand what youre saying there..

After reading my own post, I felt like that was a disrespectful way of saying what I felt. For this, my apologies.

I guess what I was trying to say is the XR100/CRF100 has been one of the most bulletproof 'beginner' bikes since it's release in the 70's. I have personally abused that motor to an extent that is embarrassing. It's not a race bike, wasn't meant to be...but I've seen pro's ruin the ego's of most riders on one of these. Unless you got one built on a monday or something, I was surprised to see the XR100 in a worst bikes list. There are just so many actual BAD bikes out there. The XR just isn't one that I picture.

71 Maico radial fin 400. Primary chains going to pieces along with the case they were in. But scary fast when it was running.

honda XR70. it was my first bike. and then some ****** stole it along with my brand new honda foreman es

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