Props to TT......and All Members!!!!

......just to post quickly on one persons totally unselfish doings this past week.

A week ago, I looped the DubR and mashed my right foot peg......again. Posted last monday a "I need - cheap" in the parts and accessories forum, and got a rather unusual reply the next day. A gentalman by the handle of "Dr Brett" sent me a PM stating...........

I'll send you one or a set for free. Give me your address or call me - Brett


WHAT!!!!!!!!! I couldn't believe it. That's not even the coolest part, I responded to him that it was worth it to me for him to name a nominal price, gave him my address and asked for a response. The very next day, I am notified by Dr Brett that the pegs are in the mail :)!! What a guy!!! Not only does he send me the pegs worth a fair price, but he also pays the $5 to have them sent to me :D.................and all this from someone who doesn't even know me :D.

Got the pegs on Saturday...........HEY, BIG THANKS TO "DR BRETT!!!! Your video is going in the mail today, hope you enjoy some great downhill Mt biking from around CO and UT.

Just thought I'd share with you all just on more reason this site, and all y'all rule..........


Dodger :D :D

A worthy cause! Thank you. Dr Brett!! This place would get a little less interesting with the Dodger out of action! :)

Now, let me get this straight once and for all: You smashed your footpeg but NOT your foot? This is your story and you're sticking to it? A simple loop-out? Hmmm...I dunno.... :D gotta be a story in there somewhere...

Awwhh yeah, foots fine, got Sidi's protecting me now.

This was just a common loop out on slick know, the ones where you never let go of the bars, just watch you stead walk out from under you.................aawww, don't ask, I think you guys know me to well :)!!


Dodger :D :D

;)I second that Dodger. This site has answered all my questions and everyone has great knowledge. My beast rides better and better thanks to all you guys out there. Cheers :)

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