Quick clutch question ’00 426

Ok its time for a new clutch so I ordered an ebc dirtracer clutch kit because I’m poor and when I got I noticed the clutch plates look a little different they are not round like the old ones. Is there any particular way to install the clutch plates ( line up all the bumps or something else)


Thanks for the help

My first reaction is that that clutch plate is defective. I would start by returning them.

ya i didnt think it looked right but i wasn't sure because all of them look like that

I bought my 99 WR400 used in 2003 and it came with the exact same kind of steel plates in the clutch. 7000 miles later they still measure in spec, are still in the bike with nary a sign of fading or slipping.

Yamaha used plates like that in the past,

The procedure is to install them all off by one notch in the basket. You should end up with them evenly offset in a circle. The idea is the slight imbalance adis in clutch releasing.

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