XT250/SR250 Camshaft


I have a 1982 SR250 and i am in need of a camshaft. Does anyone know where i can find one from either an SR250/XT250(older models)/TT250. I would greatly apprciate any help, i have been looking for a while. The cheaper the better hehe.

Thanks guys.

hi , i saw one on e bay the other day for an xt250 circa 1982ish i think it was about £30 in germany (brand new) nos

thanks for the reply, i looked for the add but could not find it, if you happen to have a link to it that would be great, if not i appreciate your time!

I have one i might be willing to part with. I have a whole motor including gasket kit that is in pieces if you need any thing else.

the only other things i could think of is the sprocket and camshaft bearing collars. I would be very interested in the cam though, please pm me a price and a quote on shipping to Toronto Ontario.


i found a webcam's one for my brothers 1982 xt250. they still list 2 stages on their website, performance and race. get the valve springs and new valves while you are at it. bro's exh valve was worn pretty bad on the end. we got it to work but we should have changed it.

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