Would you be interested?

in a rack similar to a Motojack rack for around $300? Includes gas can attachment.

Mr Toyz

No one?

Mr Toyz

I have no idea what a motojack rack is... and it sounds expensive to ship...


If it was somewhere in the Southeast I'd snatch it up in a heartbeat....I'm still looking for one to mount on my Jeep Wrangler.

Bonzai :)

This is a motojack rack.


It's a great design.

I think I've got something better and cheaper...

I am just trying to gauge intrest.

Mr Toyz

I might be interested. Have you built one and tested it.??????????

I would also be interested. My Motojack rack is a POS.


Yes we have a prototype.

Hey Mike why is your Motojackrack a POS?

Mr Toyz

Hey, does anyone have any suggestions for a name for our new rack. Motojackrack is a trade marked name...

Mr Toyz

piggy back

How bout' MotoRackJack? :)

just kidding...


I might be interested as well. I've been borrowing my friend's mototote for over a year now...and he may actually want it back someday. Also, the gas can attachment would be a very big plus...not to mention, a lift attachment to get the bike on there (I'm a little **** !). :)


Ooops! Mototote has been taken too.

I knew I heard that somewhere before.

I'll keep thinking for ya. :)

Rack It, Pack It, or Jack It...

How about EZ Carry

Moto Tote is already taken.

Bike Buddy

Bike Caddy

Rack Attack

How about the Jack-O-Matic?

Oh wait, thats something else that I have owned too.... :D:):D

I can see we are going to have a lot of fun with this one :D:D:D:D

[ April 17, 2002: Message edited by: MOmilkman ]

Why not call it the BikeHiker?

Originally posted by MichaelAngelo:

[QB]Rack It, Pack It, or Jack It...

that sounds like a porno. Tha is it i found a way to make my millions

This is good stuff. Best laugh I've had all week.

Please, keep em coming. :D

Here are a couple things to wet your appetite.

1. Our rack allows you to work on you bike just as if it where on a center stand. Even change your oil!

2. Absolutley no lifting required to get your bike on or off.

More stuff later... :)

Mr Toyz

how about: " The motorbike jack and hold thingy ama jig" it that is taken you could add "that fits in the whatch ama call it on your truck"


i could use one, but shipping would be the killer...

How about the "bike rack, outback" (well, I am from down-under... LOL)

I have seent he fixed rail ones, but these look like a good idea... esp. when you are so dog tired from a day of riding...

Maybe an air powered ram to lift it up... I have an onboard compressor for my diff locks and tyre inflation after off-roading... press a button and be done...

Good luck with it... now, where is my welder? LOL


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