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FastLine Brakeline - Tips and Ravings !!!!

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Well, my stock was toast - the braking was horrible and I could see the line 'bulging' so I got me a bona-fide fastline brake line (only for pros! so I knew it was for me :D)

I ordered the WR version and it actually came as a WR replica taking the routing the origional did. Its a nice blue and (purple :)) color.

Cost about 67$ if I remember well + shipping.

Installation was easy once I figured that the bend on the caliper end is different than the stock and that even though my bolt was tight, the conncetion wasn't...a few drips of fluid later and 2 additional crush washers as "spacers" saw me fine. Beware of this on installation I puzzled for a while before figuring it out.

Up top I had to route the bend at the master cyclinder a little more vertical than stock, but what the hey, it works just fine and is atill protected.

A couple of squirts on the mity-vac (essential for no pain prging) and some help from my wife and the thing was squared.

The result ..... braking is a whole new experience. One finger braking will put me over the handlebars if I'm not careful. Awesome.

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When I installed by Brakeline WR Replica SS line, I looked long and hard at each end.

I remember Clark Mason said he had to grind some off of his fittings to get it to fit tight.

As I studied it, I realized common sense did NOT apply. I flipped it around, and the fittings were absolutely leak free.

Initially, the angle and shape of each end promoted me to attempt to fit it on backwards...

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