need opinion on new 06 yz 450??

There are some left over 06 yz 450 left over here in socal and I wanted to know is there a turning issue with that year? Is it worth it getting that year? I thing they are asking 5400 otd. Thanks

An '06 is an excellent bike ! You won't be disappointed!

its a good bike. they have aftermarket triple clamps out to correct the steering. i didnt like the gearing in the tranny i always found myself stalling out in corners but i dont know if thats just rider error or what i noticed i wasnt doing it on later a 07 or 08 the 06 is a good bike dont get me wrong. its a great bike for the serious racer or just the guy that wants to cruise around.

hi guys,

I'm Luigi from Italy...i read often your comments about YZ. I'm taking this bike, '06, pratically a new one (the actual owners isn't able to drive it...:worthy: )


and it will be trasformed as a supermotard...:busted:

How can i improve the power and the torque at lower without big modification?

I still have a VOR with a good FCR MX 41: can i use it?

Do you think that it's better Akrapovic or WB?

Thanks a lot,


gotta hate the green sticker laws in california:rant:

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