Question about 650R and 650L Hubs

Can anyone tell me if the Hubs of a 650R will fit on a 650L


you should consider putting more in the title than just "question", youll get more responses, im not sure if theyre the same, sorry

Put a little more info into the title just to get the users attention. There will be some that will just pass on your post., only because they see " ? ".

Those that pass may have the answer you need...

I don't think so but i think the 400s are the same? any one?

I'm 99% sure the front is the same (different size brake rotors though). The rear is definitely different.

Depends how much work you want to do. The rear axle sizes are different. The actual rim setup is the same size. As for the front, I found a lot of hondas do bolt up. My CR,and all 3 XR'S fronts swap. You do need the proper spacers to take care of the rotor side. Easy turn on a lathe. The speedo side needs the same adjustment for the non speedo rims. Actually the CR spacers worked, I just used two from the speedo side and it fit.

As for the rears, you could shop a different inner bearing race to match the smaller 650L axle. I have'nt decided to fully swap my CR rims yet, but it looks fairly easy to get the correct spec bearing. You do have to use the L shaft, or you'll be drillin your swingarm. Anyone try swapping a CR rear for a 650R rear yet? They look close.

Thanks Guys this really helps.

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