What a difference a clip makes.......

The moral of the story is that much to my surprise just 1 clip position makes a HUGE difference in performance.......

Following my run-in with the local noise nazis I removed my stroker SX-1 and re-installed my stock can...much to the displeasure of my carb settings.

So I took the main down from 158 to 150, which helped some.

It still ran like snot so I then took my clip position from 4 to 2 figuring from endless reviews of jetting that it was clip position, not jets that were my problem. Ran great.

So........... now the cold weather came (5-10C) down from about 15-20 and what had worked for me before, didnt anymore.

Unbelieveble poor performance. Take off was good but then upwards from 1/8 throttle to about 1/2 it was surging and backfiring and just generally running like a dog-turd. Hmmm backfiring....lean....but.......cold weather, runs slighlty rich..... is my clip setting too rich ?

The answer: YES

I went from clip 2 to clip 1 and the difference was UNBELIEVABLE, almost perfect. I need to get another needle to continue the leaning process as I am now out of clips running an EMM. Anyone save me some research and and let me know which one it is I need to get additional vertical adjustments vs my EMM ?

PS even if the jetting thing drives you nuts, you read enough and some wisdom starts to sink in.... thanks again Taffy for your insistance on clip settings and running like snot and it being rich not lean. My first thought was that the backfiring was a lean condition but noooooooooooooo.... !!!

FYI I live at 1500 feet and ride to about 3500 regularly.

Other jetting is as stated below.

Do a search on needles and you will find more info than you will want. IMO you can't go wrong with an EKP.

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