Rear fender/taillight identification help

Ok, so I’m searching e-bay the other day and I come across this 650L for sale with an awesome looking rear fender and taillight mod. I write the seller and wait for his reply with all of the info I need to do this to my own bike, and he writes back that it was like that when he bought it from the previous owner. Damn! One thing I did notice is that the fender has the factory safety stickers on it, so I’m assuming that it’s a genuine OEM Honda part. The question is what Honda does it come from? Please help me solve this puzzle guys. Thanks, Mike




That's just a XR tail light. I did my 93 that way and used smaller aftermarket signals. You should be able to find that light anywhere for 20-29 bucks.

PM me if you want a pic.

Good Luck

Try the fender for the 650r and after market signals. No idea about the saddle bag. Looks good though.

Try the 600R, the 650R will not work. Acerbis makes a replacement fender for a lot less than Honda.I use a 600R rear with two trailer marker lights for the rear. Looks sano and is quite bright.

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