dudes i seriously need some help here, im about to get pissed for real.

I just bought a 426. After i finaly get the SOB started almost imediatly it starts dumping cold antifreeze on the floor and the gasket in between the slip on pipe and the head pipe starts smoking. So I frantically run around trying to figure out where the antifireeze is coming before she gets too hot. I couldnt tell so i killed it. Now theres a puddle of antifreeze directly below the engine and i cant tlel where it came from or why. I dont understand, it ran fine a week ago for several miles.

Did it start spewing antifreeze right when you started it, or were you allowing it to idle for a while.

If you just start the bike and let it idle / warm up for an extended period of time, it is not uncommon for them to start to over heat and spit antifreeze out the radiator overflow. These bikes did not come from the factory with a catch bottle, so when they start to overheat, they just spew the coolant.

This can take only a few minutes to happen with the bike sitting still.

Since the coolant is cold, you have a leak. When the coolant spews from the overflow tube, it's hot. Some will describe this as their bike "boiling".

Is the head pipe smoking (burning) or is coolant dripping on it, creating steam? Big difference.

You need to locate the source of the leak. If you can't find it, have a qualified mechanic take a looksee.

How much coolant are we talking about in what period of time?

lol i am a qualified mechanic. and if im not I usually learn through great forums like is! :busted: Turns out you cant start it and let it set like my banshee. It overheated sitting. Thanks!

"After i finaly get the SOB started almost imediatly it starts dumping cold antifreeze on the floor and the gasket in between the slip on pipe and the head pipe starts smoking."

from your initial description,...the info through everyone off that read and replied. your last post indicates that in fact, the bike had been idleing for some time and this "condition" is actually what caused the coolant to hit the floor.

See if you can tell if it is coming from the little weep hole on the bottom of your water pump. Could be a $4.00 impeller shaft seal:thumbsup:

Yes, I agree. My description did make it sound like that. I suppose I should have worded it better. It was about 2 minutes or so before it started dumping and i noticed it was really hot. I ended up running for about an hour today. It was my first time on a motorcycle ever and it was a GREAT time!:busted: Appreciate the help guys! I guess the title made me sound really mad over a small problem, but i had some other lighting issues with the bike that i found only after i had purchased it that kinda pissed me off, but everything is good now so rock on!


You might also be running lean or on too fast an idle. I know the bikes heat up fast but mine takes more than a couple of minutes idling before it dumps coolant. I have not had to top up coolant in the last 3 rides.. I let mine run about 5 minutes for warm up when changing oil and no coolant dumping there. But I adjust the idler down low.

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