XR650R fork seals?

I have a 02 XR650R that has low hrs but has been siting around.

I am taking it apart to change the steering head bearings and am wondering if i should do the fork seals while it is apart?

Thay are not leaking now.

Are they known to hold up well or is it time to do them?

I will be changing the fork oil.


Some will disagree but I only change mine when they leak or if sent in for a service. Your call, they do hold up well.

If it were me,I would not change them unless they were leaking.There is always the possibility of something going wrong,like knicking a seal or something worst.:busted: That would be bad when there was nothing wrong in the first place.Just my $0.02:ride:

mine is an 01. I bought two years ago with original tires on it (nice).Have gone through 4 rears 2 fronts (tires)and revalved forks with the same seals and still ok.

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