Been kinda sick the last few days...**cough**


Slight re-cap:

1. Tweaked the carb: rejetting, new needle, slide holes

drilled out.

2. Tuned the carb. Bike ran great. Throtte was nice and slick

. Pick up increase was excellent...was able to pull a wheel

-ie in first with just a quick twist of the throttle, up a hill

doing 75 where I could maybe do 70 with the help of a

tailwind before.

Did the desmog thing earlier today. Improved everything even more. Can do 85 up that same hill now. What a big difference. Way more than I was anticipating.

Now all I need to do is take the rest of the junk off the bike, run a tube up from the crankcase breather to somewhere near the tank with a filter on it.

The only thing I took off was the Air tubes on the cylinder casing. :busted:

What needle did you put in- the dynojet?


Yes...the Dyn0jet needle

So what jets, clip position and elevation? Just curious.

So what jets, clip position and elevation? Just curious.

165 jet, 3rd groove for the needle clip, elevation is about 750 - 800 ft ASL, pilot 2 9/16 turn :busted:

where can you find just a dynojet "jet" I need a 165, gave away the one I had.

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