got CRF fork's on today

Put fork's on,one prob,the BIG caliper I had on the stock fork's will not work with the CRF's. Will work on getting another caliper and bracket.Allso need to fiddle with the cable routing and make some new blinker bracket's. Look's nice , can't wait to ride it. crfforkedxr650001.jpgcrfforkedxr650002.jpgcrfforkedxr650003.jpg

DUDE, drooooool!

That looks so good, great job! Let us know how it is.

Hows your neck doing? Be safe. :busted:

The neck has good day's and bad.Just working on the bike today kick my a$$.I start P.T. monday,work on get it better a little every day. Need to work on cleaning the pig up, there's still a layer of grud from riding the Sheet Iron back in June.

I have the same exhaust. Have you seen a way to put a decent looking heat shield on the header where it merges?

Nice job. Looks great!

Very nice looking bike there!

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