here's a really stupid one

I have a 00'yz426. I am thinking about getting the WR450 coming out($8000 Cdn). It may be just me, but I am reading alot of the posts by many of you here and reading about modificaitons that many of you are making to the WR. It seems that many of the mods are to make the WR more YZ'ified.

Now for the stupid question. :)

Why would one buy a WR and try to turn it into the YZ? Why not just buy the YZ?

There are a ton of problems I keep reading that guys have with the YZ (clutch, carbs, brakes, suspension, ya-de-ya-de-ya) that don't seem to be here in the WR world.

Which bike is truly the better bike? :D

Please fogive me, I am new to these four strokes and I am by no means a bike expert. I just want to make sure that whatever bike I decide to get/keep I am making the right decision.

Why would one buy a WR and try to turn it into the YZ? Why not just buy the YZ?

Well, one big reason is it's already set up with lights and a coil, wide ration trans, 18" rear wheel. I see where you're coming from, but it does cost more to make a YZ trail ready (ie. lights, fly wheel weight). The WR is horribly dumbed down here in the states due to emission standards. BUT, all these things can be changed easily, and in most cases for free.

It's a catch 22 for us Yamaha riding trail riders.........unless mellow is what your looking for upfront in a trail bike. For me, I want all the power, snap, and overall explosiveness of the YZ, but with lights!!

My reason.......


Dodger :D:)

One bike is not better or worse than the other, each is more specialized for different types of riding. The YZ is a motocross bike with a stiffer suspension, a bigger engine hit later in the RPM's, and so on. The WR has an off-road directed suspension, a wide ratio transmission, a larger tank, spark arrestor, 18 inch rear wheel, O-ring chain, side stand and a mellower-broader engine hit. Which bike would be best for you depends on how aggresively you ride, where you ride and so-on. I bought the more expensive WR because I mostly ride on rough single track and the stock suspension is plush. I would have needed to revalve the YZ suspension to get the same compliance. The WR's heavier flywheel action also provides better traction on slippery surfaces. Here in the States you need to reverse some EPA restrictions to take full advantage of the WR's power. I know guys who ride more open trails and hill climbs who like the YZ's more. You can't lose with either one in my opinion.

WR 2002 (not sure about earlier) also are with bigger radiators and spill/overfolw(?) reservoir, so it is harder to overheat.

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