anybody need a new computer for there kids

just got a new DEll and have to get rid of the old gateway. there is nothing wrong with it just needed a faster one for stuff. its a 350mhz p2 with 66mb ram, high speed internet card, cd drive, 56k, 17 inch screen, voodoo 2 grafx card, and the best part is it come with the boston A digital media theader speakers. when i go them they where the best for PC around. 2 front, 2 back and a nice sub. 40 gig hard drive. has a 1 year old keyboard and a brand new mouse that came with my new dell. i got it new and i only wantr like 200 for it all. obo


That sounds great.... I'd love to hook my nephews up!

I could have UPS use my account to ship it. Do you have pay pay or would you like a check?

thank you thank you thank you

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